Amsterdam Fetish Pride is an annual event that takes place in Amsterdam, the vibrant and culturally rich capital of the Netherlands. This exciting and inclusive festival typically occurs over a long weekend in May and celebrates various aspects of the fetish and BDSM community. It aims to bring people together, promote awareness, and encourage acceptance and understanding of alternative lifestyles.

The event offers a plethora of activities, workshops, parties, and social gatherings catering to diverse interests and preferences within the fetish community. Participants can expect to find an array of events, including but not limited to, workshops on BDSM techniques, bondage demonstrations, gear and fetish-themed parties, and even some more casual meet-and-greets at local bars and restaurants.

Amsterdam Fetish Pride attracts visitors from all over the world, creating a melting pot of cultures and fostering a friendly, open-minded atmosphere. The event organizers work closely with local businesses, venues, and community groups to ensure a diverse and engaging experience for attendees. In addition to the festivities, there is often an information fair where people can learn more about the various fetishes, organizations, and businesses supporting the event.

For those looking to purchase fetish gear, clothing, or accessories, the festival usually hosts a market called "Fetish Flea Market," where vendors showcase and sell their unique and creative wares. This is a great opportunity to explore new outfits and toys while supporting small businesses and artisans.

One of the highlights of Amsterdam Fetish Pride is the "Invasion" party, a night of dancing, mingling, and entertainment held at one of the city's premier venues. This event is particularly popular among attendees as it offers an energetic and exciting environment where people can express themselves freely and without judgment.

Amsterdam is well-known for its liberal and open-minded attitude, making it the perfect location for such an event. Throughout the city, there is a strong sense of community and acceptance, allowing people from all walks of life to come together and share their experiences.

To stay updated on the latest news, events, and schedules for Amsterdam Fetish Pride, it is recommended to check the official website and social media channels. This will ensure that you are well-informed and can plan your visit accordingly.

Amsterdam Leather Pride is back with new organizers and a large main party back in the center of Amsterdam. Leather and fetish men from all over Europe come to Amsterdam for various parties and events. Beside the main party Damage there are special fetish parties at the leather and cruise bars, like Cuckoo's Nest, Web, Eagle, Dirty Dicks, Warehouse and in cruise Club Church.

All Fetish Allowed - Leather, Rubber, Sports, Circuit, Neoprene, Army, Uniform, Harness and Jeans, just Boots, Construction, Skingear, Schoolboy, Swimwear, Pups, Bears, Pigs.
Hotel rooms in Amsterdam tend to be smaller then you may be used to, because most of the buildings are narrow and tall.
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Here are recommendations and tips to make your visit to this exciting event as enjoyable as possible:

  1. Dress to impress: Embrace your inner fetish enthusiast and dress up in your favorite gear. Leather, rubber, and other fetish outfits are highly encouraged. This will help you feel more connected to the community and make it easier to strike up conversations with fellow attendees.
  2. Attend the official events: Check out the Amsterdam Fetish Pride website for a schedule of events, including workshops, parties, and meetups. Highlights often include the "Invasion" street party, Mr. Leather Netherlands competition, and the "Fetish Flea Market".
  3. Explore the city's fetish clubs: Amsterdam is home to a number of popular fetish clubs, such as Club Church and The Eagle. These venues often host special events during Fetish Pride, so be sure to check their schedules and prepare for an unforgettable night out.
  4. Visit the Leather & Fetish shops: Take advantage of the many specialized stores in Amsterdam, like Mr. B, RoB, and Black Body. These shops offer a wide range of fetish gear, toys, and accessories, making it the perfect opportunity to expand your collection or find that special piece you've been eyeing.
  5. Take part in workshops: Fetish Pride often features a variety of workshops and talks aimed at educating and empowering attendees. Don't miss the chance to learn more about your favorite kinks or discover new interests.
  6. Enjoy the canals: While you're in Amsterdam, take the time to explore the picturesque canals. Many guided boat tours are LGBTQ+ friendly and offer a unique perspective of the city.
  7. Sample Dutch cuisine: Indulge in traditional Dutch treats like stroopwafels, poffertjes, and bitterballen. A visit to a cozy "brown café" for a beer and a snack is a must while you're in the city.
  8. Visit LGBTQ+ landmarks: Amsterdam has a rich history of LGBTQ+ activism and culture. Be sure to visit the Homomonument, a memorial dedicated to LGBTQ+ individuals who have been persecuted due to their sexual orientattion or gender identity.
  9. Respect the locals: While Amsterdam is known for its openness and tolerance, it's important to remember that it's still a residential city. Keep noise levels down, especially at night, and be respectful of people's privacy.
  10. Stay safe and have fun: As with any large event or city, it's important to be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to stay safe. Keep an eye on your belongings, don't accept drinks from strangers, and travel with a buddy when possible. Above all, enjoy the incredible atmosphere and camaraderie that Amsterdam Fetish Pride has to offer!
Here is a list of  men-only or gay-friendly hotels in Amsterdam:

  1. Hotel Aalders (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Aalders offers comfortable accommodations in the cultural heart of Amsterdam. Located near the famous Vondelpark, this hotel provides a peaceful retreat. Check Availability and Prices:
  2. Hotel Amistad (Men Only) Hotel Amistad is a popular men-only hotel located in the city center. It offers modern rooms and a friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for gay travelers. Check Availability and Prices:
  3. Hotel Sebastian's (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Sebastian's is a stylish hotel located in the lively Jordaan district. It boasts modern rooms and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the city. Check Availability and Prices:
  4. Hotel Estheréa (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Estheréa is a charming hotel with an elegant interior. Located in a quiet area along the Singel canal, it offers a peaceful retreat in the city center. Check Availability and Prices:
  5. The Hoxton (Gay-Friendly) The Hoxton is a stylish hotel with a vibrant atmosphere. It features beautifully designed rooms, a chic lobby, and a popular restaurant and bar. Check Availability and Prices:
  6. Hotel Vondel (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Vondel is a boutique hotel nestled in a quiet street near the Vondelpark. It offers stylish rooms, a garden terrace, and a cozy bar and restaurant. Check Availability and Prices:
  7. NH Collection Amsterdam Doelen (Gay-Friendly) NH Collection Amsterdam Doelen is a historic hotel overlooking the Amstel River. It combines classic elegance with modern comforts, providing a memorable stay. Check Availability and Prices:
  8. Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam is a renowned hotel comprised of a collection of historic canal houses. It offers stylish rooms, a tranquil inner garden, and a bar with canal views. Check Availability and Prices:
  9. Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht (Gay-Friendly) Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht is a contemporary hotel blending design and art. It features spacious rooms, a trendy restaurant, and a unique bar concept. Check Availability and Prices:
  10. Park Hotel Amsterdam (Gay-Friendly) Park Hotel Amsterdam offers stylish accommodations near the Leidseplein. With modern rooms, a chic lounge, and a terrace bar, it provides a comfortable stay. Check Availability and Prices:
  11. Hotel Arena (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Arena is a unique hotel located in a former 19th-century chapel. With stylish rooms, a restaurant, and a terrace, it provides a memorable stay in a cultural setting. Check Availability and Prices:

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