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If you want it, Gay Amsterdam’s got it. From dozens of picturesque, historic canals to a host of first-class museums to a thumping gay nightlife and a gay-friendly culture, the Netherlands capital and Europe’s sixth-largest metropolitan area is a hot spot for the ultimate “gaycation.” Settled as a small fishing village in the late 12th century, Amsterdam developed as a port city and has become an international hub for business and pleasure. An estimated four to five million visitors trek to the city annually. Amsterdam’s most important museums can be found on the Museumplein or Museum Square, a recently remodeled plaza. Here, gay visitors can walk through the Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum.

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Gay Amsterdam promises the vacation of a lifetime!

Amsterdam is truly the perfect place for a vacation that mixes excitement with enthusiasm. Whether you are someone who loves to relax and rejuvenate or enjoy high energy and lots of excitement, the place has something for everyone! It is also one of the few high tolerance cities that supports and welcomes the gay scene. The open and energetic atmosphere attracts numerous gays to enjoy, from around the globe, to truly be themselves and explore the beauty, charm and uniqueness of Gay Amsterdam. With numerous gay bars, cafes and pubs, people have an extensive choice and wide variety of options. It even has gay saunas for a complete rejuvenating experience. Get on the cruise clubs or stroll around the splendid parks, hit the beach or spend time looking through museums, stay in the best of hotels and discover the best sights and places- Gay Amsterdam is extensive and uniquely beautiful.

Gay Bars Amsterdam

Reguliersdwarsstraat is one of the most popular streets that houses many bars, shops and restaurants to cater to the gay community. The nearby Amstel area, is another great place to spend relaxed hours at some of the best cafes. Another historic street, Kerkstraat, has become extremely popular in recent times for the great Gay Amsterdam experience it offers. Here, you can also enjoy a late night cruising experience at many places; Club Church being one of the most sought after. Other popular Gay Bars include: - SoHo - FAME Taboo

Gay Amsterdam Cruise Clubs

The gay cruise club experience is highly in demand for the exciting and enthralling time it guarantees. Visiting one or more is highly recommended to truly discover the ‘high life’. The most popular cruise club is, Club Church.

Dance the night away in gay Amsterdam!

If you are looking for the perfect place to dance the night away, there are some great options for you in Gay Amsterdam. The city is extremely popular for the vibrant nightlife it offers, and a trip to any of these dance clubs will tell you exactly why! Club NYX is the most popular for the variety of events it hosts. You can experience something new every time and weekends attract the best of crowds. RAPIDO is another sought after place to really feel the vibe and energy that this city is famous for, worldwide. There are many gay events, Amsterdam that add to the charm of the city. With so much to do and explore, your gaycation to Amsterdam is sure to make memories for a lifetime.

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