If you want it, Gay Amsterdam’s got it. From dozens of picturesque, historic canals to a host of first-class museums to a thumping gay nightlife and a gay-friendly culture, the Netherlands capital and Europe’s sixth-largest metropolitan area is a hot spot for the ultimate “gaycation.” Settled as a small fishing village in the late 12th century, Amsterdam developed as a port city and has become an international hub for business and pleasure. An estimated four to five million visitors trek to the city annually. Amsterdam’s most important museums can be found on the Museumplein or Museum Square, a recently remodeled plaza. Here, gay visitors can walk through the Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum.


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Most popular bars and clubs in Amsterdam that are frequented by the lgbtq+Q+ community:

  1. Amsterdam Pride: The city's largest and most famous lgbtq+Q+ event, Amsterdam Pride is held annually at the end of July and beginning of August. The week-long celebration consists of numerous parties, cultural events, debates, and exhibitions. The highlight of the event is the Canal Parade, where decorated boats sail through the city's picturesque canals, making for a unique and unforgettable spectacle.
  2. King's Day: While not specifically an lgbtq+Q+ event, King's Day (Koningsdag) is a national holiday celebrated on April 27th. The city turns into one giant street party, and the lgbtq+Q+ community participates in full force. The Reguliersdwarsstraat and the Amstelveld square are two popular spots for the lgbtq+Q+ crowd during King's Day festivities.
  3. Leather Pride: Held in late October, Leather Pride is an event that caters to the leather and fetish communities. The event features various parties, workshops, and social gatherings across the city, culminating in the Mr. Leather Netherlands contest.
  4. Milkshake Festival: A two-day open-minded festival that takes place in July, Milkshake is all about celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and love. The event features multiple stages with live performances, DJ sets, and art installations. Visitors can expect a friendly atmosphere and an unforgettable weekend.
  1. Reguliersdwarsstraat: This centrally located street is the heart of Amsterdam's gay scene, with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants catering to the lgbtq+Q+ community. Some popular venues include Taboo, SoHo, and Club NYX.
  2. Warmoesstraat: Located in the Red Light District, Warmoesstraat is home to several gay and fetish bars, such as The Eagle, Dirty Dicks, and The Cuckoo's Nest. This area attracts a diverse crowd and offers a more alternative vibe.
  3. Zeedijk: A picturesque street in the heart of Amsterdam, Zeedijk is known for its cozy, welcoming lgbtq+Q+ bars and cafes. The Queen's Head and Café 't Mandje are two popular spots in the area.
  4. The Prik: A popular gay bar located near the Spui, The Prik offers a relaxed atmosphere, delicious cocktails, and friendly staff. It's a great place to start your night or to unwind after a long day of sightseeing.
  5. Sauna NZ: If you're looking for a place to relax and meet new people, Sauna NZ is a popular gay sauna in Amsterdam. The modern facilities include a steam room, dry sauna, hot tub, private cabins, and a bar.
More Hotspots:

  1. Club Church: Club Church is a popular gay hotspot in Amsterdam's Kerkstraat neighborhood. Known for its inclusive and open-minded atmosphere, the club hosts various themed nights and events. Expect a mix of music, drag performances, and plenty of dancing.
  2. Café 't Mandje: A historic gay bar, Café 't Mandje was established in 1927. Located in the heart of Amsterdam's Zeedijk district, the bar has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. It's an excellent spot to enjoy a drink and meet new people.
  3. The Web Bar: Located on Sint Jacobsstraat, The Web Bar is a laid-back gay bar known for its bear-friendly crowd. The bar features a dark room and regularly hosts events such as karaoke nights, bingo, and live DJ sets.
  4. Prik Bar: Prik Bar is a stylish and trendy gay bar on Spuistraat. It offers an extensive cocktail menu, light snacks, and a welcoming atmosphere. The bar frequently hosts themed events and parties, making it a lively destination for a night out.
  5. Reguliersdwarsstraat: This bustling street in Amsterdam's city center is home to numerous gay bars, clubs, and restaurants. Some popular venues include Taboo, Soho, and Exit Après Chique. It's an ideal area for bar hopping and exploring the city's vibrant lgbtq+Q+ scene.
  6. Saarein: Saarein is a women-focused gay bar with a relaxed atmosphere. Located in the Jordaan district, it's a great spot for meeting friends, playing pool, or enjoying a quiet drink. The bar also hosts regular live music and poetry events.
  7. De Trut: De Trut is an lgbtq+Q+ club that operates as a non-profit, with proceeds going towards various queer initiatives. Open only on Sundays, the club has a unique and alternative vibe. Expect a mix of music, dancing, and a diverse crowd.
  8. Eagle Amsterdam: Eagle Amsterdam is a men-only leather and fetish bar on Warmoesstraat. With its dark and industrial atmosphere, the bar attracts a dedicated clientele. The venue also hosts regular themed events, such as underwear or leather nights.
  9. Spijker Bar: Located on Kerkstraat, Spijker Bar is a cozy gay bar known for its pool table and friendly atmosphere. They offer an extensive drink menu and host regular events, including bingo nights and pub quizzes.
  10. Amstel Fifty Four: This popular gay bar on Amstel Street offers a lively atmosphere, with live music, DJs, and drag shows. The venue is known for its friendly staff and diverse clientele, making it a welcoming space for everyone.
  11. Getto: A unique concept, Getto is a gay-owned restaurant and bar that showcases queer culture through food, art, and entertainment. With an extensive menu of burgers named after famous drag queens, it's a fun and tasty dining experience.
  12. Club NYX: A multi-level nightclub in Reguliersdwarsstraat, Club NYX offers a range of music genres, from pop to techno. With a focus on diversity and inclusivity, the club attracts a mixed crowd and hosts various themed events.
  13. Gay Sauna Nieuwezijds: Located near Amsterdam Centraal Station, this modern gay sauna offers a relaxing environment with various facilities, including a steam room, hot tub, and private cabins. It's a perfect spot to unwind and socialize with other men.
  14. Vrankrijk: This alternative queer space in Amsterdam is both a political café and a social center. Hosting a variety of events, such as film screenings, workshops, and parties, Vrankrijk is a hub for activism and creativity within the lgbtq+Q+

Gay Amsterdam promises the vacation of a lifetime!

Amsterdam is truly the perfect place for a vacation that mixes excitement with enthusiasm. Whether you are someone who loves to relax and rejuvenate or enjoy high energy and lots of excitement, the place has something for everyone! It is also one of the few high tolerance cities that supports and welcomes the gay scene. The open and energetic atmosphere attracts numerous gays to enjoy, from around the globe, to truly be themselves and explore the beauty, charm and uniqueness of Gay Amsterdam. With numerous gay bars, cafes and pubs, people have an extensive choice and wide variety of options. It even has gay saunas for a complete rejuvenating experience. Get on the cruise clubs or stroll around the splendid parks, hit the beach or spend time looking through museums, stay in the best of hotels and discover the best sights and places- Gay Amsterdam is extensive and uniquely beautiful.

Gay Bars Amsterdam

Reguliersdwarsstraat is one of the most popular streets that houses many bars, shops and restaurants to cater to the gay community. The nearby Amstel area, is another great place to spend relaxed hours at some of the best cafes. Another historic street, Kerkstraat, has become extremely popular in recent times for the great Gay Amsterdam experience it offers. Here, you can also enjoy a late night cruising experience at many places; Club Church being one of the most sought after. Other popular Gay Bars include: - SoHo - FAME Taboo

Gay Amsterdam Cruise Clubs

The gay cruise club experience is highly in demand for the exciting and enthralling time it guarantees. Visiting one or more is highly recommended to truly discover the ‘high life’. The most popular cruise club is, Club Church.

Dance the night away in gay Amsterdam!If you are looking for the perfect place to dance the night away, there are some great options for you in Gay Amsterdam. The city is extremely popular for the vibrant nightlife it offers, and a trip to any of these dance clubs will tell you exactly why! Club NYX is the most popular for the variety of events it hosts. You can experience something new every time and weekends attract the best of crowds. RAPIDO is another sought after place to really feel the vibe and energy that this city is famous for, worldwide. There are many gay events, Amsterdam that add to the charm of the city. With so much to do and explore, your gaycation to Amsterdam is sure to make memories for a lifetime.

Here is a list of  men-only or gay-friendly hotels in Amsterdam:

  1. Hotel Aalders (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Aalders offers comfortable accommodations in the cultural heart of Amsterdam. Located near the famous Vondelpark, this hotel provides a peaceful retreat. Check Availability and Prices:
  2. Hotel Amistad (Men Only) Hotel Amistad is a popular men-only hotel located in the city center. It offers modern rooms and a friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for gay travelers. Check Availability and Prices:
  3. Hotel Sebastian's (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Sebastian's is a stylish hotel located in the lively Jordaan district. It boasts modern rooms and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of the city. Check Availability and Prices:
  4. Hotel Estheréa (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Estheréa is a charming hotel with an elegant interior. Located in a quiet area along the Singel canal, it offers a peaceful retreat in the city center. Check Availability and Prices:
  5. The Hoxton (Gay-Friendly) The Hoxton is a stylish hotel with a vibrant atmosphere. It features beautifully designed rooms, a chic lobby, and a popular restaurant and bar. Check Availability and Prices:
  6. Hotel Vondel (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Vondel is a boutique hotel nestled in a quiet street near the Vondelpark. It offers stylish rooms, a garden terrace, and a cozy bar and restaurant. Check Availability and Prices:
  7. NH Collection Amsterdam Doelen (Gay-Friendly) NH Collection Amsterdam Doelen is a historic hotel overlooking the Amstel River. It combines classic elegance with modern comforts, providing a memorable stay. Check Availability and Prices:
  8. Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam is a renowned hotel comprised of a collection of historic canal houses. It offers stylish rooms, a tranquil inner garden, and a bar with canal views. Check Availability and Prices:
  9. Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht (Gay-Friendly) Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht is a contemporary hotel blending design and art. It features spacious rooms, a trendy restaurant, and a unique bar concept. Check Availability and Prices:
  10. Park Hotel Amsterdam (Gay-Friendly) Park Hotel Amsterdam offers stylish accommodations near the Leidseplein. With modern rooms, a chic lounge, and a terrace bar, it provides a comfortable stay. Check Availability and Prices:
  11. Hotel Arena (Gay-Friendly) Hotel Arena is a unique hotel located in a former 19th-century chapel. With stylish rooms, a restaurant, and a terrace, it provides a memorable stay in a cultural setting. Check Availability and Prices:


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