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Belgium is naturally a low-lying nation on the North Sea coast within the Benelux. With the largest portion of West European capitals within 1,000 km of the Belgian capital of Brussels, and associated with the long-standing international Benelux community, Belgium is at the crossroads of Western Europe. Its immediate neighbors are France towards the southwest, Luxembourg towards the southeast, Germany towards the east and the Netherlands towards the north. Antwerp, Bruges, and Brussels are the main cities on the gay path, but partners and individual alike will enjoy the serene beauty present everywhere in this marvelous country. Parties in the main cities, romantic nights in the villages. What could be better?

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Same-sex sexual activity legal Yes
Equal age of consent Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in employment Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in the provision of goods and services Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas Yes
Same-sex marriage Yes
Recognition of same-sex couples Yes
Stepchild adoption by same-sex couples Yes
Joint adoption by same-sex couples Yes
Gays, lesbians and bisexuals allowed to serve in the military Yes
Transgender allowed to serve in the military Yes
Right to change legal gender Yes
Commercial surrogacy for gay male couples Yes
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