For many years the city of Bellingham was considered a hidden getaway for LGBT families, gay honeymooners and outdoor enthusiasts but now it is safe to say this is one of the best cities in the state for growing LGBT families to settle down in. Located just 90 miles north of Seattle, this beautiful college town is home to some of the best outdoor adventures in all of Washington including Whatcom Falls Park.

In addition to great outdoor opportunities for families to enjoy, Bellingham has a strong gay community with plenty of volunteer and entertainment activities to join in on. Local hotspot Rumors Cabaret is known as the epicenter of annual pride activities in this small and beautiful Pacific Northwest town but you can also find a flurry of fun and entertainment here year round.

Stay updated with gay events in Bellingham, WA


Of the cliché things that pop into psyche when considering Seattle, a hearty gay populace isn't as a matter of course one of them. Beyond any doubt there's the grunge music scene (which isn't so pervasive any longer, really), Starbucks Coffee was established here, and it might not have the most precipitation in America, but rather more than 200 overcast days a year don't help its climate notoriety any. Espresso, downpour, and Kurt Cobain have nothing on Seattle's gay occupants however. Regarding percent of populace, the main American city to be all the more thickly packed in gay people is San Francisco. That makes Seattle the second-gayest city in America! Dan Savage would be so glad.

Maybe it's simply the sodden state of mind that attracts us innovative sorts to this city. Seattle has a clamoring expressions scene obviously focused on its gayest neighborhood: Capitol Hill. There you'll discover flourishing dance club including a various blend of musical tastes—Hip Hop craftsman and associate Macklemore happens to be from Seattle. There are additionally various venues and periphery theaters showcasing exhibitions of a more vaudevillian nature. It's no big surprise, given Seattle's notoriety for being a bastion for progressivism and counterculture, that the general population here is so tolerant of their kindred gay residents. To such an extent actually, Washington voters as of late affirmed gay marriage enactment, and authority functions have been performed there since late 2012.

'The Emerald City' gets its sobriquet from the lavish, green foliage encompassing the zone. Logging was Seattle's essential industry in the nineteenth century, however today one can trek and investigate the overgrown woods without listening to cutting apparatuses in Olympic National Park or on Mount Rainier. Seattle is an unparalleled base for nature darlings, and it has fabricated a casual vibe that takes into account a way of life encouraged by the normal environs. Outside exercises including outdoors, trekking, kayaking, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, and climbing are well known regularly. The fish market at Pikes Place Market is another most loved spot to investigate in the city, and the perspective from the Space Needle shouldn't be missed.

The Gay Scene You Will Encounter in Seattle

Our gay travel data will put you right in the focal point of Capitol Hill, Seattle's principle gay stadium. It's an enchanting notable zone where the epicenter of the city's gay bars and clubs are found.

Making a beeline for the Emerald City, Dorothy? At that point make sure to advance toward the area of Capitol Hill. Seattle's true gayborhood has one of the most elevated convergences of LGBT inhabitants per capita in the United States.

Washingtonians are a famously liberal and receptive individuals, notwithstanding voting for gay marriage in 2012. Seattle subjects are the same.

There are a few venues around the local area particularly taking into account a gay demographic. Nightlife is fixated on the Pike/Pine hallway, with the most established gay club in Seattle, Neighbors, tying down one end and the shrewd Cuff Complex at the other. In the middle of, you will the contemporary Lobby Bar, the dim Pony, upscale Purr, and the women's spot, Wild Rose. A newcomer to the scene, Grim's, is not gay in essence, but rather the DIY tasteful has made it a well known stop on the Capitol Hill bar slither.

Madison Park Beach is likewise Seattle's informal gay shoreline. You'll discover families/straights on the south side however, so adhere toward the north segment in case you're not inspired by listening to shouting kids while drenching up some daylight.

Seattle Restaurants That Must Make Your To-Do List

Don’t go hungry here. Seattle is home to many gay-friendly restaurants that are guaranteed to please your appetite.
  • Tilth – Tilth serves certified organic new American cuisine featuring a bounty of seasonal and local ingredients.
  • Canlis – This is a place where you feel welcomed. Run by the Canlis family, Canlis is the Pacific Northwest’s most celebrated restaurant, winner of eleven consecutive Wine Spectator Grand Awards and two times James Beard runner up for best service in the country. Voted Most Romantic, Best View, Best Service, Best Design, Top Wine List and Wine Service, Washington Family Business of the year, and Best Overall Restaurant. At Canlis we are learners, and after 57 years of serving Seattle, we believe we’re just beginning to get things right. We look forward to meeting you. For more information, we invite you to
  • Rover’s – Rover’s Restaurant is internationally recognized as the finest table in the Seattle area. Rover’s offers a relaxed dining experience of the highest culinary caliber. You can expect ever-professional service, and an award winning wine list.

Gay Nightlife Galore in Seattle

Seattle also offers a wide range of gay bars and clubs. There is something for everyone here.
  • Underworld Tour – The Underworld Tour is an adults-only stroll through the old red-light district of the abandoned, underground city that is Seattle’s birthplace. A big-brother version of the world-famous Underground Tour, it’s steamier, raunchier and laugh-out-loud lewdicrous. Totally inappropriate! One alcoholic drink included. Valid picture ID required. Tickets:, 206 682 4646.
  • The Mix – This place is truly mixed…in fact, when i come with a group of people i am usually the only gay member of the entourage. but very gay-friendly (about 70% gay), bears, queens, trannies, twinks, lipstick lesbies, the more butch ones, and, of course, straights! Mixed drinks poured stiff and great music thanks to pandora and a modern version jukebox prototype type thing.
  • The Q – “Q” is an all new dance club that had just made a very impressive and beautiful debut early September. With good electronic music, great drinks, a large dance floor, and a great red room to people watch, this is one club you CANNOT afford to miss.
  • Bar Myx – Snohomish counties largest nightclub! In the heart of downtown Everett. This place has a little bit of everything for everyone, great staff, fantastic drink prices, the food is amazing. Different theme nights just about everyday of the week! Best destination bar in the Pacific Northwest!
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