For many years the city of Bellingham was considered a hidden getaway for lgbtq+ families, gay honeymooners and outdoor enthusiasts but now it is safe to say this is one of the best cities in the state for growing lgbtq+ families to settle down in. Located just 90 miles north of Seattle, this beautiful college town is home to some of the best outdoor adventures in all of Washington including Whatcom Falls Park.

In addition to great outdoor opportunities for families to enjoy, Bellingham has a strong gay community with plenty of volunteer and entertainment activities to join in on. Local hotspot Rumors Cabaret is known as the epicenter of annual pride activities in this small and beautiful Pacific Northwest town but you can also find a flurry of fun and entertainment here year round.

Stay updated with gay events in Bellingham, WA


Top lgbtq+Q+ Events and Hotspots in Bellingham, WA;

  1. Bellingham Pride; Each year downtown Bellingham hosts the Bellingham Pride event. This festival showcases a parade live music performances, delicious food vendors and various community organizations. It's an opportunity to embrace diversity and promote inclusivity.
  2. The Shakedown; Situated in downtown Bellingham The Shakedown is a renowned music venue that offers thrilling shows featuring talented local and national artists. It prides itself on its lineup of performances and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally they organize captivating drag shows and other lgbtq+Q+ events throughout the year.
  3. Rumors Cabaret; With a history spanning over two decades Rumors Cabaret stands as the beloved drag bar and nightclub within the Bellingham lgbtq+Q+ community. They host mesmerizing drag shows and lively dance parties while also curating special events for occasions like Halloween and New Years Eve.
  4. Bellingham Alternative Library; The Bellingham Alternative Library serves as a welcoming community space hosting a range of events including lgbtq+Q+ book clubs and engaging discussions. It provides a platform to connect with like minded individuals while deepening ones understanding of various lgbtq+Q+ matters.
  5. Whatcom PFLAG; As a chapter of the esteemed national organization PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) Whatcom PFLAG offers invaluable support resources for lgbtq+Q+ individuals along, with their families. Their mission extends to education initiatives well as advocacy efforts aimed at fostering an inclusive community.
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