Bucharest is a completely refreshing capital city filled with delightful culture, ugly communist architecture, plenty of relaxing – and cheap – spas and a burgeoning dining scene.
Tourism is quickly finding Bucharest, however, Gay Bucharest has been slow-coming. The 2000’s were marked by plenty of blatant homophobia and general cultural intolerance of gay people across Romania, attitudes which continue to persist today.
Thankfully, things are slowing changing though as Bucharest’s gay scene continues to slowly grow and come out of the shadows – in no small part thanks to the effort of groups like Accept Romania. Don’t expect to find a huge gay scene here like in Gay Tel Aviv or Brussels, but we were surprised to find there are now gay clubs in Romania outside of Bucharest too – Like in Sibiu or Cluj-Napoca (and we have heard rumors of one opening in Timi?oara this year!

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