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The gay scene in Budapest continues to evolve, particularly in the wake of legislation passed in 2007 legalizing same sex partnerships. While the scene itself is still much more subdued than in other European capitals, there is still much to do in this culturally enriched city of roughly 1.7 million residents strong. Budapest has had its own Gay Pride Festival annually since 1993, with numerous parties to boot. The event continues to grow in prominence every year. The gay community in the city is become more organized, so there are different activities and events that you will want to keep abreast of as you plan your trip. Throughout the city, there are an estimated dozen different bars and clubs that cater almost exclusively to a gay clientele, along with two cruising bars exclusively for men, one of which has special weekend shows for your delight.

Stay updated with gay events in Budapest |


Obviously being gay does not define which attraction most of us will want to see in each city and most queer travelers will simply want to check out the top things to see in Budapest during the day! Budapest is a very safe city but still, all travelers should take caution in crowded areas or at night in bars with valuables.

Gay travelers in Budapest should take special care in terms of public displays of affection where many residents are uncomfortable LGBT culture and likely hold conservative attitudes, and outright homophobia is not unheard of. While Vienna may be only a few hours away, in terms of attitude it is a world-away and other ex-soviet cities like Prague and Tallinn are more LGBT tolerant. Overall gay life in Budapest requires a common-sense approach which will generally ensure you have no issues exploring this beautiful and diverse city.

There is so much to do in this gorgeous city – but we found our favorite memories were just sitting and drinking coffee watching the world go by, getting lost in the beautiful historic center or dancing away the night with new friends at one of the Budapest gay parties. If you have the time you might consider hiring a car to check out the beautiful surrounding small towns and countryside, though you hardly run the risk of getting bored no matter how long you stay in Budapest.

You can’t throw a stone in this city without hitting something grand and historic – but still, it helps to have some kind of idea what is going on, so here are our just a few of our favorite things to do in Budapest that you should not miss!

The situation of the gay community in Budapest has improved significantly since the 1990 regime. The social acceptance of homosexuality has increased significantly, is no longer a hidden, but an open society to express melegeké. Since 1993, regularly hold the Gay Pride Day, coupled with street parades and partying. More than 10 clubs in Budapest aposztrofálja himself explicitly gay bar, but there are special saunas, clubs and even hotels, which mainly specialize in serving gays. In 2007, the Hungarian legislature also recognized the right of gay people in a registered domestic partnership relationship. 

Every Thursday
17:00 WELLNESS DAY @ Magnum Sauna
21:00 Karaoke @ Habrolo

Every Friday
22:00 DARK AND NAKED @ Magnum Sauna
22:00 Party @ AlterEgo
22:00 !szkafander @ Ankert
23:00 Strip & Live Show @ Action Bar

Every Saturday
12:00 NON STOP WEEKEND @ Magnum Sauna
22:00 Party @ AlterEgo
22:00 Gay themed party @ CoXx
23:00 Oral Academy @ Action Bar

Every Sunday
17:00 DARK AND NAKED @ Magnum Sauna
21:00 Karaoke @ Habrolo
Every first Sunday
Sunday Nude Sex Party @ CoXx

Every last Saturday
19:00 PIZZA PARTY @ Magnum Sauna

Party series

One of the longest running party series for fashion junkies, posers, models, art-heads and other freaks is Garçons: nowadays, Kasino is their residency. Underground as well as glamorous, all of their parties are a good opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to party in the capital. Another well-known brand is Tape, which is a straight-friendly queer party held every Thursday.
It’s hosted by the !Szkafander DJs who spin the best nu-disco, deep house and indie-pop hits all night long. Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, there’s more: Brutkó Diszkó is about “bullshit free queer clubbing”, as they say.
Sometimes they invite bands to play at their parties too.

WOW – Women On Women is mostly for lipstick lesbians and their friends, but they also welcome queers, fashion freaks and other open-minded party goers, who want to shake their hips to the beats. Hello is a funny and trashy monthly party series that is always centred on a given theme. It could be Hungarian hits of the 90s, Britney Spears or Beyoncé.
Their residency is at the Toldi Klub, be sure to drop by sometime(s).
XOXO is one of the new wave, popular, queer parties for music lovers and party fans – it’s the newcomer of the roundup, but what we’ve heard so far sounds promising. Last but not least two other party series that you should keep an eye on: Confetti and Queer Budapest. Ps. Ösztrosokk is a legendary lesbian party, and sometimes it’s open to guys as well.


Mystery Bar is one of the oldest and most well-known gay clubs in Budapest, with a wide variety of drinks and just a shot away from the Arany János metro station. Sticking to the legendary venues, Funny Carrot is also a long-running “crazy gay bar” where Lola and the nicest guys await you.
Both this place and Habroló next to it are unmissable places if you are up for a gay cruisin’ night or for some sexy and hot fun. Madrid Café is also a good choice for a number of reasons: it has a dark room downstairs for things that should not be seen by others, it’s close to Astoria metro and tram stop, the drinks are cheap, the vibes are good and often there is a karaoke night, which is always super fun.
Why Not Café is close to the Gellért Bath, so if you are planning a holiday, you can relax in hot thermal waters during the day and then drop by Why Not and have the time of your life by night. L
ook out for their drinks discounts!

If you are looking for some action, you should immerse yourself in the gay cruisin’ scene of Budapest for example at Action Bar, where quite a lot of things happen in the dark rooms, lockable cabins, glory holes and panorama pissoirs. There are also strip shows on Saturdays and real live sex shows on Fridays.
All of your dreams can come true here and there is no reason why you should hold yourself back. CoXx (the name speaks for itself) is also popular, especially amongst youngsters. Once a month, they have naked parties and the military – or other themed parties – are also a must.



One club that has historically been a popular meeting spot for gay guys in Budapest is Alterego Club.
There are several bars and spaces located in it, and while the plushy interior design evokes scenes from an old-school pinky violence film, it has it’s own charm. Drag shows are held quite often. Don’t expect special dance events, it’s usually a mix of mainstream hits and standard disco tracks.


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