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The gay scene in Budapest continues to evolve, particularly in the wake of legislation passed in 2007 legalizing same sex partnerships. While the scene itself is still much more subdued than in other European capitals, there is still much to do in this culturally enriched city of roughly 1.7 million residents strong. Budapest has had its own Gay Pride Festival annually since 1993, with numerous parties to boot. The event continues to grow in prominence every year. The gay community in the city is become more organized, so there are different activities and events that you will want to keep abreast of as you plan your trip. Throughout the city, there are an estimated dozen different bars and clubs that cater almost exclusively to a gay clientele, along with two cruising bars exclusively for men, one of which has special weekend shows for your delight.

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The situation of the gay community in Budapest has improved significantly since the 1990 regime. The social acceptance of homosexuality has increased significantly, is no longer a hidden, but an open society to express melegeké. Since 1993, regularly hold the Gay Pride Day, coupled with street parades and partying. More than 10 clubs in Budapest aposztrofálja himself explicitly gay bar, but there are special saunas, clubs and even hotels, which mainly specialize in serving gays. In 2007, the Hungarian legislature also recognized the right of gay people in a registered domestic partnership relationship. 

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