Burlington is a beautiful, picturesque Vermont city that looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Located just slightly south of the lgbtq+Q-friendly mecca of Montreal on the eastern shores of Lake Champlain, Burlington is a progressive, welcoming, and diverse city where all can find their place and feel at home.

Burlington is a treasured lakeside city in Vermont attracting the lgbtq+Q community all seasons throughout the year. Only an hour and half drive from Montreal and three hours from Boston, getting here is not only simple, but breathtakingly beautiful!

Named the “The Perfect Small City” by National Geographic Traveler, Burlington has something to offer every gay traveler.
Located on Lake Champlain (America’s sixth Great Lake) Burlington is old and new, funky and chic, cultured and hip and is the epicenter of gay activity. Whether you have a passion for the outdoors, an interest in the arts, enjoy lounging in cool coffee shops, tasting local brews, dining in amazing restaurants, or just prefer a day browsing boutiques and hunting for antiques- gay friendly Burlington is the place for you. Take a stroll down Church Street and experience it all!
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Burlington, Vermont, is a vibrant, progressive city that offers a wide array of events and hotspots catering to the lgbtq+Q+ community

Popular Gay Events and Venues in Burlington, VT:

1. Pride Vermont:  This annual event, typically held in September, is a week-long celebration of the lgbtq+Q+ community. Pride Vermont includes a parade, festival, and various parties, workshops, and community events. It's a colorful, inclusive event attracting visitors from all over New England and beyond.

2. The Vermont Drag Ball:  A major event in Burlington's lgbtq+Q+ calendar, the Vermont Drag Ball is typicaly held every year in February. The event features stunning performances from local and visiting drag artists. It's a fantastic showcase of creativity and self-expression.

3. The Pride Center of Vermont: This community center offers resources, support, and various events for Vermont's lgbtq+Q+ community. It hosts a range of activities, including health workshops, social gatherings, and advocacy events. The center is a welcoming space for all.

4. Higher Ground Ballroom: While not exclusively an lgbtq+Q+ venue, Higher Ground hosts a variety of music and arts events, including those that cater to the gay community. They've hosted drag shows and lgbtq+Q+ friendly events in the past.

5. Three Needs Brewery & Taproom: Known for its friendly, inclusive atmosphere, this popular bar often hosts lgbtq+Q+ events and gaterings. It's a great place to relax with friends and enjoy some local brews.

6. Muddy Waters: An inviting coffeehouse with a rustic, hip vibe. It's not a gay bar, but it's very popular with the lgbtq+Q+ community. It's a great spot to meet friends, have a coffee, and enjoy some of their fantastic baked goods.

7. Red Square: A bustling bar and live music venue, Red Square has a diverse crowd and often hosts lgbtq+Q+-friendly events. Its vibrant atmosphere makes it a popular spot among locals. Located near the centre of Burlington, Vermont, this gay-friendly venue is a popular spot for the local lgbtq+Q community.

List of Gay Bars and Hotspots in Burlington, VT

  1. The Archives - Arcade Bar: A unique blend of classic arcade games and a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails. Perfect for those looking to relive some nostalgia while enjoying the nightlife.
  2. Nectar's Restaurant, Bar and Music Venue: A staple in Burlington's music scene, Nectar's offers live music, great food, and a welcoming atmosphere.
  3. Paradiso Listening Bar: A Hi-Fi Vinyl Lounge that provides an intimate setting for music enthusiasts to enjoy high-quality sound and a curated selection of vinyl records.
  4. The Monkey House: Located in nearby Winooski, this venue offers a diverse range of music and events, with a focus on local talent and craft beers.
  5. The Daily Planet: A local favorite, The Daily Planet offers a cozy atmosphere with a diverse menu and cocktail list.
  6. Drink: Spacious bar with a drink theme. Large bar area, high top tables, and booths. The space can be partitioned for smaller groups, events can occur while the bar is open to the public or the entire bar can be rented.
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