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Canada is by size, the largest nation in North America, second on the earth over all (behind only Russia). Regarded globally for its immense, landscape, its one-of-a-kind mixture cultures and history, Canada is among the world's wealthiest nations and a major travel destination . Canada has long had gay marriage as a legal right, is progressive in protecting the rights of those who are gay, so that alone is worthy of us paying it some attention! Going in the winter can, of course, be a bit chilly. But, if you find the right guy, the nights will surely stay warm and cuddly.

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Gay rights in Canada   - Visit countries that support the gay community

Same-sex sexual activity legal Yes
Equal age of consent Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in employment Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in the provision of goods and services Yes
Anti-discrimination laws in all other areas Yes
Same-sex marriage Yes
Recognition of same-sex couples Yes
Stepchild adoption by same-sex couples Yes
Joint adoption by same-sex couples Yes
Gays, lesbians and bisexuals allowed to serve in the military Yes
Transgender allowed to serve in the military Yes
Right to change legal gender Yes
Commercial surrogacy for gay male couples No

Few countries are more tolerant and gay-friendly than Canada, both in legislation and attitude, including legal same-sex marriage. That being said, not everyone has followed suit with the movement, particularly in rural and remote areas.

Toronto - Canada's largest city is famous for its long-standing social liberalism, tolerance, anti-discrimination policies and multicultural population. It is home to one of the largest LGBT populations in the Americas. The Church and Wellesley district is the epicenter of the gay community in Toronto, and is a major tourist destination in the city. Parkdale and West Queen West are also popular districts featuring many gay bars, clubs, restaurants and other businesses. The annual Toronto Pride Week Festival is one of the largest pride celebrations in the world, counting an estimated 1 million person visits to various events over the course of Pride Week every year. Advertised claims of "1 million visitors" attending Toronto Pride are a marketing and corporate sales tactic. All reliable data sources indicate that there has never been 1 million individual "visitors" to Toronto Pride or any event in Toronto or anywhere in Canada (the Toronto Santa Claus Parade is another annual event that uses the "1 million" claim for marketing purposes). More realistic attendance figures for the actual Pride Parade suggest that approximately 250,000 view the parade each year, although there is no official count maintained.

Montreal - North American city with a European flavour, very tolerant and multicultural. The large Gay Village isn't an exclusively gay place any more, it is a place where everybody goes out to have a good time. There is an annual Pride parade in August.

Vancouver - third largest gay community and on the west coast and is not very discriminatory.

Calgary - Gateway to the Canadian Rockies, and a diverse and tolerant city, with a booming economy and nightlife.

Winnipeg - no gay district, but had the first North American gay mayor (Glen Murray) and is very proud of it. Shouldn't have any problems. Annual pride festival held in the middle of the summer.

Edmonton - Is a gay-friendly city with its own Pride Festival.

St. John's - has a small gay population but is one of the most tolerant cities in Canada and a great place to vacation also holds gay pride events during the peak tourist times. Hamilton - Hamilton has a growing LGBTQ community with many gay owned and operated businesses. With two gay nightclubs and many friendly businesses and the introduction of a three day Pride Festival celebrating UNITY 2009. Their pride festival has been going for over a decade with this year's being for the full weekend of June 19-

Saint John - Saint John, located where the Bay of Fundy meets the Saint John River, is a vibrant harbour city with several gay and gay friendly businesses, including one gay nightclub. Port City Rainbow Pride hosts a pride festival the 2nd week of August every year.

Moncton - Moncton features New Brunswick's largest LGBT Pride Parade and Festival every summer. Downtown Moncton has one nightclub specifically for the LGBT community and the downtown area is incredibly tolerant and accepting of the LGBT community.

Halifax - the gay-friendly capital of Nova Scotia and largest city in Atlantic Canada has many gay-friendly and gay-themed events throughout the year such as OUTeast Film Festival, Guerrilla GayFare and Halifax Pride Parade. Reflections, Menz Bar/Mollyz, Michael's Bar & Grill and The Company House cater to gay and lesbian patrons. Halifax Pride is active in the community and hosts many events throughout the year.
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