Colombia Pride Diversa, also known as Bogotá Pride or the lgbtq+ March in Bogotá is a celebration held in the bustling city of Bogotá, Colombia. It brings together members of the lgbtq+Q+ community to showcase the importance of diversity, inclusivity and equal rights. Over time this event has gained significance and attracted a larger audience.

Key Elements of Colombia Pride Diversa:

  1. Timing and Location: Colombia Pride Diversa typically takes place in June or July to coincide with Pride Month. The festivities kick off at Parque Nacional in Bogotá. Continue through the city streets until reaching Plaza de Bolívar, where various activities and performances are held.
  2. Participation: The event has witnessed a rise in participation over the years with tens of thousands of individuals attending each year. Both locals and international guests come together to partake in these celebrations that embrace people from all backgrounds.
  3. Goals: The primary objectives of Colombia Pride Diversa include raising awareness about lgbtq+Q+ rights and issues promoting inclusivity and diversity well as commemorating the communitys achievements. Furthermore it serves as a platform for advocating for the rights and well being of lgbtq+Q+ individuals in Colombia.
  4. Entertainment: The event offers a range of activities such, as music performances, speeches and art installations.Local and international artists, DJs and performers are excited to participate in the celebrations adding to the atmosphere of the event.
  5. Support and Sponsorship: Colombia Pride Diversa has received backing from organizations both non governmental and local businesses and sponsors ensuring the success and growth of the festivities. Cultural Heritage; The increasing popularity of Colombia Pride Diversa has brought visibility to the community in Colombia fostering a sense of unity and pride among individuals. Furthermore this initiative has inspired cities in Colombia as well, as across Latin America to organize their own Pride events.

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