EuroPride 2024: Valletta, Malta

The tiny Mediterranean island of Malta has a rich history, but today is – according to the ILGA Europe Rainbow Europe index – the best place in Europe for lgbtq+I+ people. Legislatively it is far ahead of many other European nations, and the Maltese are welcoming and accepting of lgbtq+I+ people from far and wide. Malta Pride are organising a varied and comprehensive EuroPride, which recognises the strategic importance of Malta in dealing with the current refugee crisis.

EuroPride is a pan-European international lgbtq+I event featuring a Pride parade, hosted by a different European city each year. The host city is usually one with an established lgbtq+I Pride event or a strong lgbtq+I community. When voting for the host city, the experience of the organisers, the political significance of the event for the region and host city’s lgbtq+I friendliness all come into play.

The EuroPride licence is owned by European Pride Organisers Association, an umbrella organisation for European Pride organisers. The host city of the Association and therefore is chosen by member organisations.

EuroPride was first celebrated in London in 1992, attended by estimated crowds of over 100,000. Since then it has continued to grow both in number of participants and political significance, though not always at the same time. In 1997 in Paris over 300,000 people marched to the Bastille. In 2011 around one million people attended Pride festivities in Rome by the Coliseum. Some smaller scale EuroPrides have taken place, such as in Warsaw, Poland, where 10,000 people braved the streets of still conservative ex-communist country to hold an important political demonstration that proved to be a turning point for lgbtq+ rights in Poland. In 2015, EuroPride took place in Riga, Latvia, the first time in a former Soviet country, and in 2022 it took place in Belgrade, Serbia, the first time in south-eastern Europe.

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