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EuroPride is an annual recurring event, where a Pride Festival in Europe is entitled to use the title EuroPride. EuroPride is an international event that attracts visitors from all over Europe.
In 2018, EuroPride is being conducted in Sweden for the third time, and for the first time with two cities as organizers.
During EuroPride 2018, the event is jointly organized between the two festivals Stockholm Pride and West Pride. This will challenge the concept of EuroPride and create a festive event that lasts three weeks, linking Sweden's two largest cities together, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Welcome to EuroPride 2018 Stockholm Gothenburg 27 juli – 19 august!

Stockholm: 27 july - 5 august
Gothenburg: 14 august - 19 august

Euro Pride (Stockholm) 2018
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