Fort Worth is rebranding it's motto as the “City of Cowboys and Culture.” Indeed, it has at least 3 renowned art museums, a thriving arts scene including the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival, and even its very own opera house!

While the gays may not be out in full-force (it is still Texas afterall), “Cowtown” as it's known, has its own Pride week festivities, a gay rodeo, and a handful of gay bars around town. Fort Worth's cowboy-cluttered history at one point provided a town with a definitive “wild west” atmosphere. Full of saloons, brothels, and drunk cowhands, the city started reigning in its rampant rowdiness in the late 19th century. Today though, that past has translated into a thriving, maintained nightlife scene.

There are two main nightlife areas: the Stockyards District, and Downtown Sundance Square. Fort Worth does have a few gay bars, notably the Rainbow Lounge, which was famously raided on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and ultimately led to the creation of Fairness Fort Worth. Wherever you go, be sure to bring your checkered shirt and cowboy boots out for line dancing! Just be sure to explore the Downtown Sundance Square or historic Stockyard District for awesome local hangouts and bars!


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Notable Gay Events in Fort Worth, TX:

  1. Fort Worth Trinity Pride Fest: An annual celebration of the lgbtq+Q+ community in Fort Worth. The event features live music, vendors, and a parade celebrating diversity and inclusion. It's a vibrant and colorful event that brings together the community in a show of unity and pride.
  2. Gay Chaos Productions: This organization hosts various events throughout the year, celebrating the lgbtq+Q+ community with a focus on entertainment and inclusivity.
  3. lgbtq+Q SAVES Youth Pride Picnic: An event that focuses on the younger members of the lgbtq+Q+ community, providing a safe and inclusive space for them to celebrate their identities.
  4. BearDance: Happening in Dallas. This event is known for bringing people together and fostering community. It's a celebration that caters to the bear community, but everyone is welcome. The event often features DJs, dancing, and a fun atmosphere.
  5. PRIDENTON: While not exactly in Fort Worth, PRIDENTON is a nearby pride event that celebrates the lgbtq+Q+ community in Denton, TX. It's a growing event that showcases the diversity and vibrancy of the region.

Popular Gay Clubs and Hotspots in Fort Worth, TX:

  1. Club Changes: Club Changes is the longest running gay bar in Fort Worth. Dive bar roots with cool but subdued lighting keep the flirty and friendly atmosphere that the locals love. It’s also a great place to meet new friends. Great drink prices and friendly bartenders have earned us the “GAY CHEERS of Fort Worth” reviews that we are known for. Enjoy drinks outdoors on the mutli-level patio; Flat Screen TVs inside at the bar; step into The Secret Room that has a curtained drag stage and provides a safe space for the local lgbtq+ community to have shows and charitable events.The Secret Room is home to the Divine Miss Divas Drag Show and various community benefit shows.
  2. Club Reflection: Club Reflection is Fort Worth's lgbtq+ country western bar, with nightly drink specials.
  3. The Urban Cowboy Saloon: The Urban Cowboy Saloon is Fort Worth's largest LBGTQ night club. The Club is the home to drag shows, drag brunches and a popular stop for International Drag Superstars and DJs.
  4. Rainbow Lounge: Rainbow Lounge is a good place to meet up with friends downtown Forth worth. The place has great music, drinks and shows.
  5. Liberty Lounge: Liberty Lounge is a comfortable neighborhood bar with good drinks and friendly faces. We believe in supporting our community in anyway we can. At Liberty, we want you to feel safe and know we are in this life together.
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