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Fort Worth is rebranding it's motto as the “City of Cowboys and Culture.” Indeed, it has at least 3 renowned art museums, a thriving arts scene including the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival, and even its very own opera house! While the gays may not be out in full-force (it is still Texas afterall), “Cowtown” as it's known, has its own Pride week festivities, a gay rodeo, and a handful of gay bars around town. Fort Worth's cowboy-cluttered history at one point provided a town with a definitive “wild west” atmosphere. Full of saloons, brothels, and drunk cowhands, the city started reigning in its rampant rowdiness in the late 19th century. Today though, that past has translated into a thriving, maintained nightlife scene. There are two main nightlife areas: the Stockyards District, and Downtown Sundance Square. Fort Worth does have a few gay bars, notably the Rainbow Lounge, which was famously raided on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and ultimately led to the creation of Fairness Fort Worth. Wherever you go, be sure to bring your checkered shirt and cowboy boots out for line dancing! Just be sure to explore the Downtown Sundance Square or historic Stockyard District for awesome local hangouts and bars!


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