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Gay Pride Week / CSD Berlin 2022

Berlin Gay Pride, commonly referred to as Berlin CSD, is one of Europe's biggest gay prides, with gay parties and events taking place all over the creative capital. The first Berlin Pride or Christopher Street Day (CSD) Berlin was celebrated back in 1979, and it was said that roughly 450 people attended. The aim of CSD Berlin (which still remains to this day) was to promote LGBTQ visibility in the city, and in Germany as a whole, and rally for equal rights and anti-discrimination based on sexual orientation. 

Nowadays, roughly 500,000 people celebrate Gay Pride Berlin, filling the city streets with plenty of revelry! This makes it the largest Pride Parade in Germany, and one of the biggest in Europe. After all, Berlin is one of Europe's premier gay and party destinations, so could we have expected anything less? The parade normally runs from from Kurfürstendamm to the Brandenburg Gate, ending with a lively concert which welcomes special guest stars and goes well into the night.

But CSD Berlin is more than just a parade. Pride Month includes a host of LGBTQ-related events, with the final Pride Week in mid-June including some of the largest festivities. You can enjoy everything from film screenings to pride boat parties, just be sure to arrive in Berlin with an open-mind and party spirits, and you won't be disappointed during Berlin Gay Pride.
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