Green Bay, Wisconsin, is a vibrant, diverse Wisconsin city that is well-known for being the home of the Green Bay Packers football team. Beyond being home to some amazing football, this industrial city also boasts several amazing museums, a beautiful view of the Fox River, several colleges and universities, and a thriving arts and culture scene. Even better, it is also a very diverse and welcoming city with a thriving lgbtq+Q community. Those who choose to move to Green Bay will find plenty about it to love! Packing the fun in when you hit Green Bay shouldnt be too difficult if you know where to look.
The Old Downtown District hosts the hub of queer club culture, and nearby Astor House Bed & Breakfast Inn is the perfect place for a little rest and recovery afterwards. The community of Green Bay enjoys a suite of social clubs and organizations that support the lgbtq+ crowd. The Bear Cub 4 Men meets up monthly at the Napalese Lounge for laid back merriment. Clubs Sass and XS offer more of a dance vibe for those seeking the party crowd.

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Popular Gay Events and Venues in Green Bay, WI:

  1. Pride N.E.W Alive Festival: It's a day-long celebration typically held in July at Joannes Park in De Pere near Green Bay, including music, food, and community outreach. This festival brings together both local and traveling attendees for a day of celebration and pride.
  2. Green Bay Pride Parade: In some years, Green Bay has hosted its own Pride Parade, a colorful and vibrant demonstration of lgbtq+Q+ pride and solidarity.
  3. Weekly Wednesday Farmer's Market: Although not a gay event, If you love fresh, local food, friendly crowds, and fun, you won’t want to miss the Weekly Wednesday Farmer’s Market in the Historic Downtown Broadway District. It is the largest farmers’ market in the Green Bay Area, and not only is it full of local products and great food, it offers entertainment too – live music on four separate stages!

Gay Bars and Hotspots in Green Bay, WI:

  1. Napalese Lounge & Grille: This gay bar in Green Bay is known for its friendly atmosphere and lively entertainment, including drag shows and karaoke nights. It's a staple in the local lgbtq+Q+ community and a great place to meet locals and visitors alike.
  2. Rascals Bar and Grill: Another popular gay bar in Green Bay, Rascals is known for its casual and welcoming vibe. They often host events like trivia nights, drag shows, and other live entertainment.
  3. XS Nightclub: While not exclusively a gay club, XS Nightclub is known for being lgbtq+Q+ friendly and often hosts themed nights and events that cater to the community.
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