Haifa is hidden gem for the gay traveler. We already know that Israel is home to some of the hottest and most active guys in the world, so it is helpful to find Haifa to be a small city with a big nightlife! This region of the world is what draws many tourists from around the world. Let’s face it –Haifa is home to great historical tourism options, not to mention that cultural component that can be experienced like no other. Beyond that, this is among the most tolerant of Middle Eastern Villages, so come to Haifa and be prepared to party. Located on the bay near a major marine port, the annual Gay pride event attracts over 2,000 revelers. Social justice is what is promoted there, and the effort has paid off. Beyond that, look for drinks and guys galore at Syncopia Bar, and pay homage to many of the gay oriented hotels and clubs to do the city’s landscape as well.

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