Huntington, is an Appalachian town of 50,000 people in the western-most part of West Virginia. Located on the banks of the Ohio River, Huntington is an old town with strong roots in Appalachian culture. Visitors can experience a taste of local traditions in the Old Central City, home to Amish markets, antique stores and Heritage Farms.
Ritter Park is a 70-acre open space full of walking trail and charming brides crossing Four Pole Creek.
Huntington might seem like a quaint little town, but it is also home to three longstanding gay clubs that are popular not just with locals but with people from the tri-state area.

Stay updated with gay events in Huntington, WV|

Popular Gay Events and Venues in Huntington, WV:

Huntington, WV, has a growing lgbtq+Q community and hosts various events throughout the year. Here are some of the recurring and notable events:

  1. Huntington Pride: This is Huntington's annual Pride celebration, typically held in the summer. It features a parade, a festival with live entertainment, food, and vendor booths, and is a significant event for the lgbtq+Q community in Huntington.
  2. Drag Bingo Nights: These are popular events held at various venues where you can enjoy a game of bingo hosted by local drag queens.
  3. lgbtq+Q Film Nights: Occasional film screenings that focus on lgbtq+Q themes and stories.
  4. Community Mixers and Socials: Various bars, clubs, and organizations host regular mixers and social events for the lgbtq+Q community to network and socialize.
Gay Bars and Hotspots in Huntington, WV:

  1. Stonewall Nightclub: This is one of the most well-known gay bars in Huntington. Stonewall Nightclub is famous for its vibrant atmosphere, drag shows, and dance parties. It's a place where everyone is welcome and can enjoy a night of fun and entertainment.
  2. The Loud: While not exclusively a gay bar, The V Club is known for its lgbtq+Q-friendly environment. It hosts a variety of live music events and themed nights, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.
  3. Marshall University lgbtq+Q+ Lounge: Located on the campus of Marshall University, this lounge serves as a safe and welcoming space for lgbtq+Q students and allies. They host various events and gatherings throughout the year.

Huntington Beach Gay Scene

There are no gay-specific neighborhoods in Huntington Beach and you will have to get in your car to cruise around the gay scene the region has to offer, but that is to be expected you have to drive everywhere in Southern California. Nearby Long Beach has a lgbtq+ organization called Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride. They host a pride celebration and festival in May; it has featured seven large dance areas and hosted artists including Jennifer Hudson and Maya. The group also throws a holiday toy drive. If you feel like taking a slightly longer drive, visit the gay scene of West Hollywood in Los Angeles. It’s about 50 minutes away from Huntington Beach by car.

START HERE: A comprehensive and vetted lgbtq+Q resource guide compiled by Branches and Huntington Pride: lgbtq+Q Resource Guide

 Dr. Rainbow - An online resource to find an lgbtq+Q friendly healthcare professional. Doctors can either self-certify or are community certified.

Trans Health Guide - Trans specific healthcare guide for WV residents from Fairness West Virginia.

West Virginia Name & Gender Change Guide - All of the info you will need to change name and gender markers in the Mountain State.

lgbtq+Q Wedding Resource Guide for WV

OPEN TO ALL Campaign - A Huntington guide to businesses, organizations and religious organizations that have taken the ‘Open to All’ pledge, which in part, includes welcoming and including lgbtq+Q+ customers, clients, members, etc.

lgbtq+ Teen Support Group - A new teen support group meeting in Huntington at 1005 5th Ave (Chase Bank Building) Suite 250, NECCO office. For exact meeting times, visit the FAST facebook page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Center - Youth Opportunity Hub - The Center was created in part to be a safe space for lgbtq+Q+ youth.

Marshall University lgbtq+Q+ office

Huntington Human Relations Commission - The commission charged with enforcing the city’s lgbtq+Q inclusive non-discrimination ordinance.

Cabell County Schools anonymous reporting app - The STOPit app allows students to anonymously report incidents happening in their school.

Transgender Huntington FB page - Moderated by a local trans resident. Provides support and resources for the trans community.

OLOC Tri-State chapter - Old Lesbians Organizing for Change

Lesbian Life FB group - A local private Facebook group for Lesbians to interact. Must request to join.

Legal Aid of WV - Legal help 8662554370
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