International Mister Leather (IML) is an international, though largely American, conference and contest of leathermen held annually in May since 1979 in Chicago, Illinois. The International Mister Leather conference is a multi-day and activity event to recognize International Mister Leather. Shared interest events, such as speakers, socials, themed dance parties and a leather market are part of ways in which the competitors become known to the evaluating committee and enthusiasts, including the BDSM community, can share in the experience. International Mr. Leather (IML) is an annual event that takes place in Chicago, Illinois, typically during Memorial Day Weekend (late May). The event is a celebration of leather culture and is one of the largest and most well-known leather events in the world.

During the weekend, participants attend a variety of events, including the Leather Market, where vendors sell leather and fetish gear, as well as parties and social events. One of the highlights of the weekend is the International Mr. Leather competition, in which contestants from around the world compete for the title of International Mr. Leather.

Contestants are judged on a variety of factors, including their leather attire, their stage presence, and their knowledge of leather culture. The winner of the competition receives a sash, a cash prize, and the opportunity to represent the leather community at events around the world.

The first International Mr. Leather competition was held in Chicago in 1979 and has since become an iconic event in the leather community. The event has expanded over the years and now includes a number of related events, such as the International Puppy Contest and the International Mr. Bootblack competition.

IML is a weekend-long celebration of all things leather, and it attracts thousands of participants from around the world each year. If you are interested in attending, you can find more information on the event's official website.
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