Jönköping Pride is a celebration of the lgbtq+Q+ community in Jönköping, a charming city located in southern Sweden. Its main aim is to promote unity, respect and open mindedness among individuals providing a platform for both lgbtq+Q+ individuals and their supporters to gather and embrace their selves.

Typically spanning across a week Jönköping Pride features an array of events including sessions, interactive workshops, inspiring art exhibitions engaging movie screenings and captivating performances by talented artists. The highlight of the festival is the Pride Parade where participants joyfully march through the streets of Jönköping to demonstrate their solidarity with lgbtq+Q+ rights and fair treatment.

The coordination of Jönköping Pride is overseen by a profit organization with support from various partners such as the Jönköping Municipality, Region Jönköpings län (County Council) along with local businesses and associations. While this event traditionally occurs during the summer months specific dates may vary from year, to year.

As we approach the 2020s edition of Jönköping Pride, an array of exciting festivities will once again enchant the city. Festivities will commence at Kulturhuset Spira on Monday. Conclude on Sunday with a delightful rainbow mass held at the Swedish church. The anticipated Pride Parade always takes place on Saturday during Pride Week beginning at 15;00. In PridePark (City Hall Park) attendees can revel in performances and joyful singing.
You could also take a walk in the park and visit the vendors. Among the attendees are Jönköping Qom Ut and Region Jönköping County. It's a chance to gather information during your visit. Additionally there are food trucks where you can enjoy a meal.
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