The KASHISH Pride Film Festival, set to celebrate its anniversary in 2024 aims to embrace inclusivity through a rebranding of its name and identity. Now known as the πŠπ€π’π‡πˆπ’π‡ 𝐏𝐫𝐒𝐝𝐞 𝐅𝐒π₯𝐦 𝐅eΜΆsΜΆtΜΆ this updated title mirrors the aspirations of the lgbtq+QIA+ community by highlighting themes of pride, hope and dignity in the festival and its affiliated events.

Being Indias lgbtq+QIA+ film festival to grace a mainstream cinema venue and receive official clearance from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting the KASHISH Pride Film Festival has not only made a mark in South Asia but also gained global recognition as one of the top five most vibrant lgbtq+QIA+ film festivals worldwide.

Initiated in 2010 the KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival is renowned for showcasing lgbtq+QIA+ films in Mumbai, India. Not is it considered one of South Asias oldest lgbtq+QIA+ film festivals but it has also established itself as a growing annual event with support from both Indian and international entities.

Additionally this festival holds the distinction of being Indias lgbtq+QIA+ film festival approved by the Information & Broadcasting Ministry under Government of India.

The festivals core objective is to exhibit and champion films that delve into the lives, cultures and narratives of lgbtq+QIA+ individuals, across different corners of our world.
KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival aims to create a welcoming space for lgbtq+QIA+ community members, allies and cinema lovers to gather have conversations and appreciate the influence of queer cinema. The festival also works towards promoting understanding and acceptance of lgbtq+QIA+ rights and concerns within the society.

The festival showcases a selection of films including full length features, documentaries and short films in various languages with English subtitles. These films are thoughtfully chosen by a committee. Filmmakers have the opportunity to be recognized in categories such as Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Best Short Film and also compete for the prestigious Riyad Wadia Award, for Best Emerging Indian Filmmaker.
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