Lathi Pride in Finland is an growing celebration that honors the lgbtq+Q community in the area. This event reflects the diverse nature of Finnish society. Lathi, with its natural beauty and cultural importance sets a charming stage for the festive Pride activities. The festivities usually kick off with a parade, where participants march through the city streets adorned in rainbow colors and artistic banners. In addition to the parade Lathi Pride offers events like music performances, workshops and speeches that aim to raise awareness about lgbtq+Q rights and foster community unity. The vibe at Lathi Pride is full of happiness and solidarity providing a welcoming space for people to embrace their selves and cherish differences. Beyond being a jubilant occasion this event also serves as a platform for advocating for and supporting the lgbtq+Q community, in Lathi as well as across Finland.

The route is even, but will feature some cobbled streets, narrow parts, different pavings and curbs as well as sandy paths. The length or the route is approximately 2,5 km. The parade will walk along the pavement, so make sure there are no more than 4 people walking side by side.
The tail end of the procession is kept as silent as possible for those with e.g. kids or pets.

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