Lethbridge Pride Fest is an event that takes place in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. It's a time to come together and support the lgbtq+Q2S+ community, which includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning individuals, two spirit people and others with identities. The festival was established back in 2009. Typically spans a week in June to coincide with Pride Month.

During Lethbridge Pride Fest you can expect a range of events and activities that promote inclusivity, diversity and comunity engagement. Here are some highlights;

1. Pride Parade;  Join in the parade filled with floats, performers and members of the community all showing their solidarity with the lgbtq+Q2S+ community.

2. Pride in the Park; A family gathering held at Galt Gardens where you can enjoy live music indulge in delicious food from food trucks/vendors and participate in various activities suitable for all ages.

3. Drag Shows; Be entertained by local and national drag artists as they showcase their creativity on stage.

4. Film Screenings; Catch screenings of movies and documentaries that revolve around lgbtq+Q2S+ themes followed by engaging panel discussions or Q&A sessions.

6. Art Exhibits; Explore captivating works by lgbtq+Q2S+ artists well as allies at local galeries or other community spaces.

Lethbridge Pride Fest is an opportunity for everyone to come together to celebrate diversity while fostering understanding and acceptance, within our society.
Events; There will be various parties and gaterings where people can come together have fun and celebrate in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

The festivals main goal is to create an inclusive space for the lgbtq+Q2S+ community as well as their allies in Lethbridge and the surrounding area. Lethbridge Pride Fest relies on the support of volunteers local businesses and sponsors to organize and ensure the running of all the events.

For the up to date information, about Lethbridge Pride Fest, including dates, event schedules and opportunities to volunteer please make sure to visit their official website.


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