Located in the southeastern part of Nebraska, Lincoln is the capital and second-largest city in the state. Often called the Star City because that is how it is represented on maps, Lincoln is a warm midwestern metropolis with a growing LGBTQ community that is welcoming to all.

Out Nebraska

Out Nebraska is an LGBTQ community center serving the Lincoln area. Its mission is to advocate, celebrate, and educate to improve the lives of people in the LGBTQ community in the greater Lincoln area and beyond. Out Nebraska works to accomplish this mission by providing events, resources, support groups, networking opportunities, advocacy services, and more to the community.

The Best Events in Lincoln

Star City Pride

Star City Pride is Lincoln’s annual LGBTQ pride celebration and is the biggest pride event each year in the city. With parades, parties, and many other events, it’s truly a fun and festive week in the city. Lincoln appreciates and loves its LGBTQ community for all that it adds to the city, and it shows during Pride, and throughout the year-round. Don't miss your chance to join in the festivities!

The Lincoln Arts Festival

The Lincoln Arts Festival is an annual, non-profit music festival held in the streets of downtown Lincoln each year. The event is extremely popular with the community, and it always draws large crowds, plenty of vendors showcasing their art, live music, great food, and more.

Arts and Entertainment

Sheldon Museum of Art

The Sheldon Museum of Art is an American museum and sculpture garden located in Lincoln that focuses on 19th and 20th-century American art. It has an extensive permanent collection of indoor art as well as an outdoor sculpture garden for visitors to enjoy. Visiting exhibits occur throughout the year as well. For any art lover, it’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Lied Center for the Performing Arts

The Lied Center for the Performing Arts is Lincoln’s main performing arts center. Throughout the year it hosts a wide variety of performances from operas to stand-up comedies to Broadway shows, two musicals and everything in between. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a show or several for yourself!

Lincoln Nightlife

Panic Bar

Panic Bar is a small, but popular LGBTQ bar in Lincoln known for its craft cocktails, welcoming crowds, theme nights, and friendly atmosphere. It's a great place to hang with old friends and make new ones.

Das Haus

Das Haus is a very popular LGBTQ lounge and cabaret located in Lincoln. It’s a great place to enjoy not only excellent shows but also strong drinks, great music, and friendly crowds. Be sure to put it on your list as a must-try stop on a night out in Lincoln!

Contact a Lincoln Gay Realtor Today

If you’re ready to make a move to Lincoln, we’re here to help. We’d be happy to connect you with a realtor who knows the community well, and who can help you to find a home and a neighborhood that are a great fit for your needs. Contact a Lincoln gay realtor today for a free, no-obligation consultation!

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