See Little Rock the way locals do: a dynamic and diverse city that welcomes its lgbtq+Q+ visitors and residents alike. Expand your perspective with the city’s arts scene or explore the city’s historic attractions and outdoor offerings Grab your helmet and pedal any of the city’s 1,200 miles of cycling tails, and when you’re done, settle in for a meal in one our incredible restaurants.
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Main gay events in Little Rock:

  1. Central Arkansas Pride: Little Rock is home to Central Arkansas Pride, an annual lgbtq+Q+ pride festival that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity. The event features a vibrant parade through downtown, live performances, food vendors, community booths, and a family-friendly area. It serves as a platform for advocacy, education, and a joyful celebration of the local lgbtq+Q+ community.
  2. The River Market District: The River Market District in downtown Little Rock is known for its diverse range of restaurants, bars, and shops. While not exclusively gay, it offers a welcoming and inclusive environment. Several lgbtq+Q+-friendly establishments can be found here, providing a great place to socialize, dine, and explore.
  3. The Kaleidoscope lgbtq+Q+ Film Festival: Kaleidoscope is a celebration of lgbtq+Q+ films, filmmakers, and stories. The festival's mission is to provide innovative and unique programming that engages the hearts and minds of audiences in Arkansas and across the south. It celebrates the diversity of the lgbtq+Q+ community and filmmakers, showcasing the transformative power of film.

Popular gay hotspots in Little Rock:

  1. Willy D's Piano Bar: A lively piano bar known for its vibrant atmosphere and entertaining performances. It's a great place to enjoy music, drinks, and the company of friends.
  2. Club 27: A trendy nightclub that offers a mix of music genres and hosts various events. It's a favorite spot for dancing and socializing.
  3. Club Sway: Located in the downtown area, Club Sway is a popular gay nightclub known for its vibrant atmosphere and lively dance floor. They host regular drag shows, themed parties, and special events featuring both local and guest DJs. The club offers a diverse and inclusive space for the lgbtq+Q+ community and their allies.
  4. Discovery Nightclub: Another well-known gay club in Little Rock is Discovery Nightclub. It features multiple dance floors, a patio area, and a stage for performances. The club hosts a variety of events, including drag shows, karaoke nights, and live music performances. It has a welcoming and energetic environment that attracts a diverse crowd
  5. The Four Quarter Bar: While not exclusively a gay bar, The Four Quarter Bar is known for its lgbtq+Q+ friendly atmosphere. It offers a cozy and laid-back setting with live music performances ranging from local bands to nationally recognized artists. The bar also hosts regular trivia nights and other social events, making it a great place to relax and meet new people.

Festivals & Events

Little Rock doesn't have much in the way of gay events save regular drag shows and bingo at the lgbtq+Q bars. But Little Rock's River Market district plays host to the Central Arkansas Pride Fest every October. It features musical acts like in the past Betty Who, who remade the "Queer Eye" theme song, and is always centered around a theme.

Adults will love the alcoholic beverages on offer while taking in a Pride Talk and, meanwhile, their kids can play in the family zone. Food trucks and vendors offer plenty of food and shopping opportunities, too. On the afternoon of the event, a festive and rainbow-colored parade makes its way down President Clinton Avenue. While the festival only lasts one day, there are often events surrounding it (pool parties or gay rendezvous at downtown bars).

Otherwise, there are a couple of other happenings throughout the year that aren't technically gay-leaning, but welcoming nonetheless. They include the Main Street Food Truck Festival in September and Feast in the Field (an al fresco dinner party to benefit Arkansas farmers) in June.

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