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Madrid is home to some of the best year round weather in all of Europe, so it is not surprising that the city is known for some of the hottest guys and parties to boot. To highlight the scene in this city, let it be known that Madrid is home to some of the most popular and active gay dance clubs and cruising areas known throughout the continent. Open Thursday-Sunday nights, Substation has quickly emerged as a major player on the gay cruising circuit. This place offers more than 600 square meters of cruising space, and contains a large changing room, fully stocked bar, various mazes, a chill out zone, and areas for those into a particular fetish. Madrid offers the uninhibited among us with no shortage of nighttime activities to take part in. Rounding out the Madrid review, let it be known that there are a variety of gay and gay friendly hotels and guesthouses in the most popular gay areas, so plan accordingly and enjoy the wonderful Spanish hospitality!

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Madrid is a very cosmopolitan city, especially where all the races cultures and sexual orientation coexist in the most aromonía and tolerance. When visiting Madrid Gay the first stop of the freedom of tolerance, respect, integration, is the Chueca neighborhood and its streets. The gay area of ??Madrid is called Chueca , and is located in the center of the city in the old town. Madrid is a municipality and a city of Spain.
The town, with historic category of villa, is the capital of Spain5 and the Community of Madrid. Also known as the Villa and Court, it is the most populated of the State with 3 million inhabitants, while, with the inclusion of its metropolitan area the population figure amounts to 6 million inhabitants, being therefore the third or fourth metropolitan area, According to the source, behind those of Paris and London, and in some sources behind also the Ruhr Region, and the third most populous city of the European Union, behind Berlin and London.
Madrid has become in recent years one of the destinations favored by the collective LGTBI.
The reasons are obvious: it is not only a tourist and cultural destination of the highest order, but also a fun, friendly and tolerant city in which diversity is one of its main characteristics. A good example of this is the Pride of Madrid festivals, considered one of the most important in the world. Come wherever you come from and love whoever you love, Madrid loves you.

About Chueca 

The  Chueca neighborhood is an area of the neighborhood of Justice, located in the Center district of the city of Madrid. It is located in the heart of Madrid, next to Gran Vía and between Fuencarral and Calle del Barquillo streets. In the 1990s, it became the gay district of Madrid, having been progressively chosen as a place of recreation and residence for most of the gay community of Madrid since the 1980s. In the neighborhood some of the first places were opened To the gay public of Madrid, and in some cases they are still, as it is the case of Café Figueroa, Black & White or the Berkana bookstore.

The neighborhood went from being a marginal neighborhood in Madrid to acquiring the character it has today, a very commercial and recreational environment, Open and respectful of the diversity of the current society, without losing its air, due to its architecture. This change was preceded by a great deterioration in the 70s due to the drug traffic which led the neighborhood to a deep degradation and abandonment of the commercial premises which favored the transfer of premises to the new uses, like the gay bars, that Would be the beginning of the resurgence of the neighborhood. The evolution of Chueca has gone parallel to its commercial transformation.
In its narrow streets we can find, in addition to the traditional shops, others such as modern restaurants, sex shops, saunas, cafes, bars, night pubs and a multitude of services more or less focused on a gay public such as clothing stores, Consultancies, clinics, etc. The composer Federico Chueca, who gives name to the whole area.

The neighborhood is named after a small square dedicated to the composer of zarzuelas Federico Chueca. In it is the metro station Chueca. Two other places stand out: the Plaza del Rey and the Plaza Vázquez de Mella. One of Chueca's greatest tourist attractions is the Gay Pride celebration, which takes place annually at the end of June.
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