Mexico City Pride is renowned as one of Latin Americas liveliest celebrations of the lgbtq+Q+ community. Taking place in June this annual event, also known as Marcha del Orgullo lgbtq++ CDMX offers an array of activities and festivities to honor the citys gay community.

Drawing millions of participants from both, within Mexico and beyond its borders Mexico City Pride features a captivating parade that winds through the city streets. Alongside this spectacle a week series of cultural, educational and social events add to the joyous atmosphere.

The parade commences at the Angel of Independence monument on Paseo de la Reforma before culminating at the Zocalo square in the heart of Mexico Citys center. En route it passes through landmarks such, as the enchanting Roma and Condesa neighborhoods offering a tapestry of sights and experiences.
Mexico City Pride goes beyond the parade offering an array of events and activities. These include concerts, art exhibitions, film screenings and conferences that focus on lgbtq+Q+ topics. The occasion serves as a platform, for activists to shed light on issues affecting the community in Mexico and worldwide such as discrimination, inequality and violence.

all Mexico City Pride is a lively and inclusive celebration of diversity and acceptance. It stands as a symbol of the fight for equality and recognition, within the lgbtq+Q+ community.

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Here are a few suggestions, for things to see and do during Mexico City Pride;

  1. Join the Parade; The Mexico City Pride Parade is the highlight of the citys Pride celebrations. It usually takes place on the Saturday in June. Attracts hundreds of thousands of participants and onlookers. The parade winds through the center offering a chance to witness colorful floats, dance performances and live music.
  2. Explore Zona Rosa; Zona Rosa is renowned as one of Mexico Citys lgbtq+ neighborhoods. It buzzes with activity during Pride week. You'll find an array of bars, restaurants and shops to discover along with events and parties taking place in this area.
  3. Discover Cultural Offerings; Alongside the parade Mexico City Pride also presents events such as art exhibitions, film screenings and theater performances. Be sure to consult the Pride website for a schedule of these happenings.
  4. Join in Festivities; Being famous, for its nightlife scene Mexico City offers a plethora of Pride parties spread throughout the city. Don't miss out on these celebrations!
  5. Some of the top notch events that people love to attend are the Mega Dance" held at Zocalo, the Fiesta de la Diversidad" hosted at the Monumento a la Revolucion and the glamorous "Pink Ball" happening at Casa de la Bola.
  6. Discover the richness of Mexico City by visiting its museums and art galleries. You can delve into establishments, like the Frida Kahlo Museum, the National Museum of Anthropology and the Museum of Modern Art. During Pride week these museums often organize exhibitions. Engaging events to enhance your experience.
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