The Miami Ultra Music Festival is an event in the electronic dance music scene turning Miami into a hub of rhythm and beats. It takes place yearly in the city known for its vibrant culture and stunning shorelines drawing music fans from around the world. With its lineup of top DJs and artists performing on various stages the festival offers unforgettable shows. It's not about the music; it's an immersive experience that includes captivating visual displays, cutting edge sound systems and an electric atmosphere that energizes the crowd. Attendees are transported to a world where music blends with creativity resulting in a one of a kind and thrilling atmosphere. Besides the music attendees can also enjoy exploring Miamis nightlife, cuisine and scenic landscapes making it a must see event, for electronic music enthusiasts seeking vibrant cultural adventures.

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Here is a list of gay-friendly hotels in Miami:

  1. Dream South Beach: This stylish hotel is located just steps away from the beach and caters to a diverse clientele, including lgbtq+Q+ travelers. It features luxurious rooms, a rooftop pool, a bar, and a restaurant. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  2. The Betsy Hotel: Situated in the historic Art Deco district, The Betsy Hotel is known for its elegant ambiance and welcoming atmosphere. It offers luxurious accommodations, a rooftop pool, a spa, and several dining options. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  3. The Marlin Hotel: Nestled in the heart of South Beach, The Marlin Hotel offers a boutique experience for all guests. It provides beautifully designed rooms, a rooftop terrace, and a bar serving handcrafted cocktails. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  4. The Sagamore Hotel: A luxurious hotel located in Miami Beach, The Sagamore Hotel offers spacious suites, an outdoor pool, an art gallery, and a beachfront terrace. It welcomes all guests to enjoy its elegant accommodations. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  5. The Plymouth Miami Beach: Located in the Collins Park neighborhood, The Plymouth Miami Beach offers a sophisticated retreat for all travelers. It features elegant rooms, a courtyard pool, a restaurant, and a rooftop lounge. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  6. The Catalina Hotel & Beach Club: Situated just steps away from the beach, The Catalina Hotel & Beach Club welcomes all guests to experience its vibrant and stylish atmosphere. It offers comfortable rooms, a rooftop pool, multiple bars, and a restaurant. Check Availability and Prices: Link
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