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In the few years the lgbtq+Q+ community in Russia has encountered numerous difficulties and prejudice. It's not always easy for gay events in Moscow to receive recognition or support from the government and unfortunately there have been instances of violent attacks on participants in the past.

Nevertheless the lgbtq+Q+ community in Moscow has managed to organize events, such, as Pride parades, film festivals, parties and cultural gatherings. In years a range of events have taken place with great enthusiasm and participation;


  • Moscow Pride, which has been held since 2006 is an annual event that usually takes place in late May or early June. It encompasses activities such as a lively parade, thrilling concerts and engaging cultural events. Unfortunately this event has faced government bans in the past. Participants have endured violence and arrests.

    The Side by Side Film Festival is a lgbtq+Q+ film festival held annually in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It showcases captivating films from parts of the world that shed light on various lgbtq+Q+ issues.

    Celebrating lgbtq+Q+ culture and art Moscow Queerfest is a yearly festival filled with captivating exhibitions mesmerizing performances and other enriching cultural events.

    As part of the build up to Moscow Pride Moscow Gay Pride Week presents a series of engaging events, in the city. These include thought provoking film screenings, insightful discussions and other significant happenings.

It is important to note that lgbtq+Q+ events in Moscow and throughout Russia are subject to restrictions and potential danger, so it is important to be informed and stay safe. It's always a good idea to research current laws and regulations before attending any events.


The lgbtq+Q+ community in Russia has unfortunately faced discrimination and oppression. It is worth noting that some events and venues may encounter government crackdowns.

With that said here are a well known spots in Moscow that cater to the gay community;

Central Station; This lively club in Moscow is a favorite among the gay crowd. It offers a dance floor entertaining drag shows and themed parties.
7FreeDays; A welcoming bar with a relaxed ambiance where both lgbtq+Q+ individuals and allies can enjoy a variety of drinks and snacks.
Mono Bar; Another popular gay club in Moscow known for its spacious dance floor, VIP area and regular drag performances.
Mayak Bar; A trendy establishment that attracts a crowd, including many lgbtq+Q+ individuals who appreciate its vibrant atmosphere.
Infinity Bar; A laid back lounge that warmly welcomes everyone. It's a place to unwind while sipping on delicious cocktails.

It's essential to be aware of the fact that lgbtq+Q+ events and venues in Russia may face government scrutiny. Before planning your visit it's wise to stay updated with the news and travel advisories. Additionally exercise caution, during your visit and remain mindful of your surroundings when exploring these establishments.

Discover Moscow
Moscow is the leading city of Russia and is widely recognized across the world. Because of their world renowned status, this city is home to countless destinations such as historical buildings, old religious sites, and museums with unique exhibits. If you aren’t very interested in the history of the city, they have plenty of shopping and other entertainment opportunities. There are ballet’s, ice hockey games, classical music symphonies, but tickets for these can get expensive, so look far in advance! Moscow also has Festivals during every season, making it a good place to visit year round. You will never be bored in this city.

Gay Moscow

Russia may seem like a contentious place for gay people and their rights, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone in this vibrant gay community. It is important to remember to be conscious of your actions in public because not everyone is super accepting. Another risk is using dating applications. It isn’t advised to meet up with men you meet on these dating apps because it has been known to lead to attacks and robbing. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and know that PDA among gay people isn’t widely accepted, Moscow really does have plenty to offer for the gay tourist!

MONO Bar is one of the most popular gay bars in Moscow and is known to get crowded after midnight, so make sure you get there early to enjoy the karaoke or the electronic dance music! As for Moscow’s gay pride festival, it has been banned for many years, but it doesn’t stop people from expressing their beliefs. Moscow has a large gay community that is accepting of everyone.

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