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Mykonos is not only one of the most famous greek islands, but one of the most well known gay islands. What's better than tanning on the beautiful transparent blue and green beaches during the day followed by some fine greek dining eating some local Mezes(appetizers) and enjoying the cosmopolitan and wild nightlife. Mykonos a city formed by the body of the giants that were killed by hercules, along with the mysterious and thrilling history of mykonos, the island is a heaven on earth both for the thriller junkies who live for a quick adrenaline rush and for those who simply want to enjoy a relaxing vacation sipping on a drink oceanside.If you don't know already mykonos is considered the “ Island of the Winds”, bringing gnarly surfers and water sport lovers from all over the world. Mykonos hosts the yearly XLSIOR Festival in August which brings people from all over the world into the city. During the seven day festivals you will find some of the hottest djs and all of the most beautiful men and women coming from every corner of the world.

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About Mykonos

Mykonos is considered one of the “big 4” gay destination in Europe; in between the extra hot men and women, gay hotels and beaches, and the amazing mediterranean sea, Mykonos is a top notch vacation destination. Mykonos is a city where gay people are greatly welcomed and where the whitewashed villages are flooded with gay and lesbian tourists yearlong. There's something special about the gay spirit of Mykonos, somehow the city manages to maintain the traditional aspects of the island while changing the island’s vibe to a contemporary culture that not only accepts but appreciated the gay community. For the convenience of the tourists in Mykonos, most of the the bars and clubs are located in the middle of the town called the “Chora” making bar hopping an easy task. In the center of the city you can stroll and appreciate the marble roads and traditional white houses that perfectly compliment the blue sea. The hora is filled with fine dining and nice shopping malls where you can find yourself a sexy outfit for the night's festivities. Make sure to walk along “Little Venice” a scenic corner filled with mansions with stylish and fabulous decor. Located on the top of a hill little venice will definitely make you feel like you on top of the world with the beautiful view with of windmills and bright blue coming from all corners all with a strong Italian Vibe.


If laying by the evergreen water on the fine grain white sand by the beautiful beaches of Mykonos isn't enough for you, then Mykonos has a treat for you; plenty of gay beaches where you can relax while looking at the hottest oiled up bodies in all of Europe. There's a must know rule before you go to the beaches of Mykonos, the more to the right you travel on the beach the more gay the beaches gets. The most popular of the beaches are super paradise and Elia Beach.


If you have the chance, make sure to stay in the luxurious and only gay hotel in Greece, the Elysium gay hotel, this gay hotspot is located on a hill with a scenic view outlooking Mykonos. Elysium is known for the steamiest parties in the city, every night huge crowds of gay people migrate over to the hotel for extravagant parties with amazing cocktails and drag shows.


The bar that in essence begun the superb gay vibe of the island and continues to be the hottest spot no gay man or woman wants to miss is the ‘Jackie O bar’, directly on the seashore of the old harbor of the city, under the historical church of Paraportiani. With the motto being “From sunset to sunrise in style”, you are always guaranteed an adventurous and enjoyable night out here. Once you get tired of JackieO’ make sure to check out one of the first gay bars in the area, Porta and the Lola bar. For a more notable wild night make sure to come fulfill some naughty fantasies of getting down and dirty in a church at the Church of Paraportiani. This may not be the exact case since church area turns into a cruising area in the late hours of the night, but this area is a guarantee for a beautiful view and for an uninhibited good time. If you're looking for a wild nightlife that gets pretty hot and sweaty( not just become of the strong sun that keeps the men and women glowing with bronze tans), while meeting people from all over the world, speaking all different languages, Mykonos is definitely the place for you. Yes there are plenty of options for gay and lesbian clubs, bars, and hotels, but the reality is that gay people will feel comfortable and free to get their flirt on on every square foot of the island considering the open minded and gay invasion of the island.
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