Newcastle Gay Pride, also known as Northern Pride is an event in Newcastle upon Tyne, England that celebrates and supports the lgbtq+Q+ community. The primary goal of this gathering is to champion diversity, inclusivity and equality for all individuals within the lgbtq+Q+ community and their supporters. It serves as a platform for people to unite in love, acceptance and solidarity.

Established in 2007 Northern Pride has evolved into one of the Pride events in the United Kingdom. Typically taking place over a weekend in July it draws crowds from near and far. The festival features activities and attractions including a lively Pride parade with participants from lgbtq+Q+ organizations, local businesses, community groups and allies coming together to showcase their pride and unity. Beginning at the Civic Centre and winding through the city center the march culminates at the festival grounds where all the main festivities unfold.

Attendees at the festival can enjoy performances by local artists engaging drag acts and other entertaining performers across different genres. Additionally educational sessions are offered alongside opportunities for community involvement.

Northern Pride embodies a spirit of celebration while emphasizing core values like acceptance and equality, for every member of the lgbtq+Q+ community and their allies.
It's a gathering that brings people from backgrounds together to enjoy music, entertainment and learning while promoting a sense of togetherness. You'll also discover a range of food and beverage stands, market vendors and information booths showcasing lgbtq+Q+ organizations and charities. The event even features an area tailored for families and young participants offering age activities and workshops.

Besides the Pride weekend Northern Pride hosts satellite events throughout the year. These activities encompass fundraisers, club nights, educational workshops and community involvement initiatives to uphold the essence of Pride all year long.

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