Orlando Gay Pride is a gathering held in Orlando, Florida, USA that celebrates the lgbtq+Q+ community while promoting equality and embracing diversity. This event has grown significantly since its inception in 2005 attracting people from over the world to partake in a wide range of activities and entertainment options. From captivating live music performances to delicious food and drink vendors well as a marketplace featuring lgbtq+Q+ merchandise there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The highlight of Orlando Gay Pride is undoubtedly the Pride Parade, which takes place on the Saturday of Pride weekend. It's a showcase of floats, lively music and enthusiastic dancing that draws thousands of participants and spectators alike.

In addition to the parade Orlando Gay Pride offers various events such as an exhilarating kick off party, captivating drag shows and a heartfelt memorial service honoring those from the lgbtq+Q+ community who have passed away. While this celebration typically takes place annually in October it's advisable to check out the Orlando Gay Pride website for specific dates as they may vary from year, to year.

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Here are 8 recommendations that both locals and tourists highly recommend;

  1. Secure your accommodations, in advance; Given the popularity of Orlando Pride it's crucial to book your hotel or Airbnb ahead of time. Look for options near the festivities or with shuttle services for access to and from the parade.
  2. Explore the website of Orlando Pride; This website provides information about the parade, events and parties happening during the celebration. Make sure to save it as a bookmark and check for updates regularly.
  3. Attend the Orlando Pride Parade; The parade is undoubtedly the highlight of the event so try your best to be a part of it. It's an vibrant celebration of lgbtq+Q+ culture and community where you'll witness an array of individuals and captivating floats.
  4. Experience lgbtq+Q+ bars; Orlando boasts a lgbtq+Q+ scene so make sure to explore some of the local bars where you can meet new people and have a fantastic time. Parliament House is a gay club that has been serving patrons for over four decades while Southern Nights offers another option.
  5. Embrace the theme parks; Since Orlando is synonymous, with its theme parks make sure to make the most out of your trip by visiting some of them.
  6. Universal Studios and Disney World are both choices. Have a reputation, for being lgbtq+Q+ inclusive.
  7. Keep an eye on the weather; Orlando can get quite hot and humid during the summer months. Remember to stay hydrated wear clothing and apply sunscreen to make your experience more comfortable.
  8. Prioritize safety; like any event it's crucial to prioritize your safety and be mindful of your surroundings. Stick to lit areas. Consider traveling with a friend or as part of a group. Additionally be cautious about scams or pickpocketing incidents by keeping your belongings close, to you at all times.
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