In Peru individuals who identify as gay may encounter obstacles that non gay residents do not face. While same sex relationships, between consenting adults are legally permissible households led by same sex couples do not receive the safeguards as heterosexual couples. In January 2017 a decree issued by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski came into effect prohibiting discrimination and hate crimes based on orientation and gender identity. In a decision made on January 9 2017 the 7th Constitutional Court of Lima ruled in favor of recognizing and registering a same sex marriage between an Mexican citizen that took place in Mexico City in 2010. The National Registry of Identification and Civil Status intends to challenge this court ruling.

Peru is known for its Catholic values. Despite neighboring countries in the Southern Cone adopting measures the Peruvian Congress rejected a bill for unions for gay and lesbian couples in 2015. While some Peruvians may tolerate homosexuality discreetly when interacting with visitors under a 'don’t ask; don’t tell' approach challenges persist regarding gay rights advocacy within the country. Consequently many individuals who identify as gay or lesbian, in Peru choose not to disclose their orientation.
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Peru is a strongly conservative, Catholic country. In 2015, the Peruvian Congress rejected a bill for gay and lesbian civil unions, despite the adoption of similar measures in neighboring countries in the Southern Cone. While many Peruvians will tolerate homosexuality on a ‘don’t ask; don’t tell’ level when dealing with foreign travelers, gay rights remain a struggle. As a result, many gays and lesbians in Peru don’t publicly identify as homosexual.
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