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Singapore’s landmark LGBTQ+ rally will return to Hong Lim Park on 18 June 2022 after two years of online-only events.
“We’re excited to return home to Hong Lim Park. The feelings of kinship and community is something we’ve all missed dearly during the last two years, especially after how difficult the pandemic has been for us, and our disappointing loss of the 377A constitutional challenge,”

The 14th edition of Pink Dot SG will harken back to its roots with a daytime dot, inviting participants to write messages of hope and change on physical placards. In response to the government’s promise that it will review its policies to reflect shifts in social attitudes, Pink Dot will call on participants to collectively envision what a more inclusive future could look like.

As participants will be outdoors, they are not required to wear face masks and will be allowed to enjoy picnics with family and friends. They will also be treated to the Pink Dot Concert, which includes performances by groups like Singapore Drag Royalty.
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Pride has been celebrated in Portland since the early 1970s, with the first outdoor celebration in 1976. Pride Northwest, Inc. has organized the annual Portland Pride Waterfront Festival and Parade since 1994.

The Portland Pride Festival is the single, largest visibility avenue for our region’s LGBTQ+ community organizations and businesses, where they can attract new supporters and clients, increase their volunteer base, and raise much needed funds. In addition, the festival attracts thousands of visitors to Portland each year, bringing significant revenue to the local LGBTQ+ business community and to the city, as a whole. LGBTQ+ community members travel here from all over the Pacific Northwest to celebrate themselves and each other, in what is often the only safe and open environment that they may experience for the year. Pride Northwest is particularly committed to providing the Pride celebration, in order to create a safe and celebratory environment for our young people. Not only do things get better, Pride is what better looks like!

One of the ways you can #gayitforward with Pride Northwest is through a direct donation! Your contribution to Pride Northwest not only supports the annual Portland Pride Waterfront Festival and Parade but year-round programming as well. You can find more information about all of our programs

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