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As far as friendly and liberal cities in Eastern Europe go, it does not get much better than Prague. Gays will find most of their favorite venues conveniently located in a stretch of the city known as Vinohrady. It is close to the center of the city and is filled with a gay delight of over 30 bars, saunas, and discos that are sure to keep you more than occupied during your stay here. s

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Get Ready: Prague Pride Is Around the Corner

This has been a Pride season full of eager anticipation, tragedy, and hope for the future all rolled into one. As we mourn members of our community that have recently victimized by hate, we are reminded of what it means to be proud of who we are. It is in that realm of emotion that we look forward to eager anticipation of one of the most prolific pride events in Eastern Europe. That’s right – Prague Pride is upon us and it promises to be bigger, more influential, and more meaningful than ever before!

Pride Czech Republic Style

As one of the more sexually open countries in Eastern Europe, this year’s Pride aims to be louder and prouder than ever before. We already know that Czech men are hot, passionate, and high energy. All of that and much more will be on display come August. From the nightclubs to the cruising areas, there is sure to be much action to take part in.

Let us not forget the reason that Pride exists, however, as this year proves more than ever the need for unity and education. The organizers of Gay Pride Prague have put together one of the most comprehensive programs in the event’s history. From parades to community outreach events, Pride Prague has the goal of informing Czech citizens everywhere that the modern era demands respect and dignity for all peoples, regardless of their sexuality. To that end, arrive in Prague ready to make your voice heard. There will certainly be plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Love Is In the Air

The theme for this year’s Pride in Prague is love, so get ready to show some! This mega event will begin on August 8th and conclude on the 14th. As the largest Pride festival in Eastern Europe, going on its sixth year, event organizers want to remind the world that all of humanity has a right to love who they choose. We are all born with the gift of love, we all long for love and we certainly all deserve it.

The Prague Pride Parade & music festival taking place on Saturday August 13. The Parade will start at the world famous Wenceslas Square, leading through the beautiful historic city center of Prague to Letna Park. Here a music festival with several stages will take place until 10 PM. Among the performers will be German DJ Ipek and the American band Betty. The weekend will also host two main Prague Pride parties. On Friday, August 12 Dirty Dirty Dancing #2 with DJs Alinka (Berlin), Josh Caffe (London) & Electronic Bitches. On Saturday the main Prague Pride Party will be held with Komiks and DJs Joyce Muniz (UK), Ander B (Dominican Republic), Schwa, Fatty M & Lumiere.

Love in all its forms will be represented in the weeklong program of Prague Pride. On offer will be more than a hundred events, including parties, concerts, exhibitions, theater, film screenings, public debates, conferences and sporting activities. The events will take place in different venues all over the beautiful city of Prague. There will be three main venues where the program will be concentrated the most.

The Pride Village will be the main meeting point, the place where you can spend the whole afternoon, enjoy the beautiful view on the Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge, enjoy community events such as picnics with LGBT organizations, art and dance workshops and enjoy cultural events such as concerts, artistic performances and exhibitions. Monday’s opening concert will host talented young Czech performers such as Adam Mišík, Vladivojna and Vladivojsko. The special guest star will be the queen of Czech swing music Jitka Zelenková. Every evening there will be an open air screening of LGBT films just across the river at Containall in Mala Strana produced by Mezipatra film festival.

The Pride House will be the center of debates and discussions, the place where you can learn more about various LGBT topics, including transgender, religion or parenthood. This very nice modern gallery will be decorated with photos of Jana Ašenbrennerová, a Czech photographer living in the US. Her photo’s of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will present this world-wide organization, which draws attention to social conflicts by using drag and religious imagery. Sisters Vish PHB, one of the founders of the Sisterhood and Sister Roma from the San Francisco Order will be the special guests at several events, including a Rainbow tram ride, where they will joined by their Czech sisters.

In the Pride Theatre, three unique events will take place. Each of these will deal with actual issues of the LGBT community, such xenophobia, migration and the crisis of current politics. On Thursday there will be the screening of the documentary film “the Sisters” about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. This event will be followed by a discussion with the San Franciscan Sisters.

Enjoy Prague In All Of Its Gay Splendor

Not only is Pride going to be a spectacle of mega proportions, but Prague itself simply cannot be beat in August. The weather will be ideal to show off the awesome male body, and many shirts are sure to be shed during night at any of a number of club venues supporting the event. Whatever you fancy, it will likely be possible and on full display during this week long event.

The Czech Republic is one of the more visible and gay oriented nations in Eastern Europe. Czech guys are proud to show off their bodies and the fact that they live is one more the more socially liberal countries in Eastern Europe. There are some great discos that really heat up the night, as well as some smaller out of the way venues to enjoy as well. If you want to take a step back in time, this is the place to be. As far as friendly and liberal cities in Eastern Europe go, it does not get much better than Prague. Gays will find most of their favorite venues conveniently located in a stretch of the city known as Vinohrady. It is close to the center of the city and is filled with a gay delight of over 30 bars, saunas, and discos that are sure to keep you more than occupied during your stay here. 

All of this combines into the formation of a most spectacular event. Make your plans and hotel reservations now, then make sure you are ready to show your gay pride and have a special and memorable time at this mega event!

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