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Prague Gay Pride 2022: As one of the more sexually open countries in Eastern Europe, this annual Pride event aims to be louder and prouder than ever before. We already know that Czech men are hot, passionate, and high energy. All of that and much more will be on display come August. From the nightclubs to the cruising areas, there is sure to be much action to take part in.
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3 years ago.
Hi my friend, can you help the community of LGBT/Gay community?

We launched a scholarship for them mostly scholarships are for straight students

We are trying to make sure LGBT community have the chance as well

Can you please do me a favor of sharing the scholarship oppurtunity on your website

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I would love it if you can help in this cause, we are trying to help 3 students get $1000 scholarship each

We are trying for maximum submissions by July 31, 2018, so please let the LGBT community know about this

Thank you
Spencer Carney
LGBT Community Activist
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