The philanthropic brainchild of Co-Founder Jason Hanna in 2009 was to host a gathering amongst his social peers whilst making a difference in the lives of others, so he chose Children’s Health as it was his dream to one day have children of his own and be the kind of parent his parents had been for him.

Sadly in November of 2011 his mother was diagnosed with Cancer and his co-founders rallied around him to create the first “official” Teddy Bear Party with intentions of cheering his mother on to beat this deadly disease. To their surprise the local lgbtq+Q community rallied significantly with their efforts, to create a very successful event.

Unfortunately Kaye Hanna lost her courageous battle the following spring along with a few other significant loved ones connected to the key contributors to the event which lead to the 2012 event doubling in size (500 guests), (8) corporate partners and the addition of financial beneficiary Stand Up To Cancer, Family Equality Council and Equality Texas.

A special thank you to all of our Founders, Hosts, and Corporate Sponsors!!!  Due to their continued generousity, 100% of your donation goes directly to the beneficiaries
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