Reading Pride is a celebration of the lgbtq++ community held in the town of Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom. This cherished event first took place in 2004. Has evolved into a popular gathering that embraces diversity and inclusivity drawing thousands of participants each year.

The festivities typically commence with a parade winding through the streets of Reading followed by a festival set in a local park or another public space. The festival boasts an array of music performances tantalizing food and beverage options, from vendors community stalls showcasing different organizations and an assortment of other attractions. Moreover families are welcome to enjoy a designated area teeming with activities catered for children.

A dedicated group of volunteers organizes Reading Pride while relying on donations and sponsorships from businesses and organizations to fund this occasion. Its primary objective is to foster understanding, acceptance and equality for the lgbtq++ community not within Reading but across its neighboring areas.

In addition to the pride event itself Reading Pride also hosts other gatherings throughout the year. These include film screenings that promote awareness and education workshops aimed at fostering knowledge sharing and growth opportunities as social events that bring together members of the local lgbtq++ community along with their allies. These initiatives are crucial in providing support systems and resources for those who may require them.

all Reading Pride serves as a vibrant celebration that embraces diversity while promoting inclusivity—a truly significant event, within the UKs lgbtq++ calendar.
Reading Pride was established in 2003 with the purpose of advocating for and standing by the local lgbtq++ community. Over the years our Festival has witnessed an increase, in attendance with up to 15,000 individuals joining us throughout the day along with, over 1500 participants actively taking part in the Parade.

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