Queen City Pride is a pride festival held in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is a celebration that focuses on promoting acceptance, visibility and well being, within the lgbtq+Q+ community in Regina and its surrounding areas. The festivities take place over days in June. Offer a diverse range of activities such as a lively parade captivating live performances enlightening educational workshops and enjoyable social gatherings.

Originating as a gathering of lgbtq+Q+ individuals in 1989 Queen City Pride has grown into a community event that attracts thousands of participants and spectators each year. The festival is meticulously organized by volunteers who receive support from businesses, community groups and government organizations.

Beyond the festival itself Queen City Pride actively works throughout the year to provide resources and support for lgbtq+Q+ individuals and their families. They passionately advocate for lgbtq+Q+ rights and equality while striving to create an environment where everyone feels secure.

During the festival period various events organized by Regina Pride and other community organizations help shine a spotlight on our culture, history achievements well as the challenges we face. Each event aims to both educate and entertain participants, about sexualities and gender identities.

The Queen City Pride Festival takes place in June alongside pride celebrations including Prince Albert Pride, Saskatoon Pride Moose Jaw Pride and Southwest Saskatchewan Pride. These festivals collectively contribute to Saskatchewans designated "Pride Month" as declared annually by the Government of Saskatchewan.

FESTIVAL – From June 7th, to June 16th | PARADE – On June 15th

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