FETISH PRIDE ITALY returns with the tenth edition!

Three days of events and parties for leather and fetish enthusiasts.

We start the Welcome Party on Friday, and then continue on Saturday with the Fetish Dinner and the Catacombs night!

Finally, on Sunday, we will say goodbye with the classic Farewell Brunch.

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  • Here are eight tips that can help you have a trip;

    1. Dress to make an impression; Rome Fetish Pride is, about embracing your style and expressing yourself through your clothing and accessories. Whether you prefer leather, rubber or something else entirely put together an outfit that showcases your individuality.

    2. Plan your itinerary; Rome can be overwhelming for first time visitors so it's an idea to plan ahead. Familiarize yourself with the parade route. Note the locations of any after parties or events you'd like to attend.

    3. Explore the lgbtq+Q+ scene; Rome has a lgbtq+Q+ community with numerous gay bars, clubs and venues worth exploring. Take some time to research the scene and decide where you'd like to visit after the parade concludes.

    4. Prioritize your safety; While Rome is generally a city it's always important to take precautions while traveling. Stick, to lit areas avoid carrying amounts of cash or valuable items and stay vigilant of your surroundings at all times.

  • 5. Remember to be respectful; Rome Fetish Pride is a celebration that embraces all aspects of kinkiness. Its essential to consider that not everyone feels comfortable, with types of play or attire. Always show respect for others boundaries. Seek consent before engaging in any form of play.

    6. Explore the gastronomy; Italy is renowned for its mouthwatering cuisine so don't miss the chance to savor some local dishes while you're in Rome. From pasta and pizza to gelato and invigorating espresso there's an array of flavors to suit every palate.

    7. Immerse yourself in the sights; Rome boasts some of the worlds landmarks, such as the Colosseum, Pantheon and Vatican City. Take your time to discover these sites and appreciate their awe inspiring architecture.

    8. Forge connections; Rome Fetish Pride provides an opportunity to connect with minded individuals from around the globe. Strike up conversations, with travelers or locals. You might just establish lifelong friendships.


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