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The historic capital of Italy, otherwise known as Rome, doesn't only have the Colosseum and the Trevvy Fountain to offer. Rome is the home to a thriving gay scene that brings thousands of gay travelers to their streets to find the hottest gay clubs, cruise bars, saunas, and wild parties to fulfill their deepest desires. Although there are gay hotspots located around the city, you can find some of the best gay bars on a small street next to the Colosseum. Two birds with one stone, right? Don't let the catholic capital fool you, Rome is exotic as ever. We all know that Rome is a city of love, make Rome your next gay adventure.

  • There are gay events, in Rome that you can look forward to;

    1. Rome Gay Pride; Held annually in June this vibrant celebration is dedicated to the lgbtq+Q+ community. The main parade takes place in the heart of the city. Is followed by a festival featuring music, food and entertainment.

    2. Gay Village; From June to September you can enjoy the festivities of this summer event. It's an party with DJs concerts, shows and plenty of opportunities to have a great time and socialize.

    3. Muccassassina; Located near Termini Station Muccassassina is one of Romes gay clubs. They organize parties with themes that attract both locals and tourists.

    4. Festa di San Giovanni; Taking place on June 24th every year this event celebrates Romes patron saint. It's an opportunity to experience the citys traditions and culture while enjoying street parties and concerts.

    5. International Gay Film Festival; Happening in November annually this film festival showcases lgbtq+Q+ films from, over the world. It provides a chance to explore exciting cinema while interacting with directors and actors.
Gay Rome is more fun!

Rome or “Roma” is a historically rich city that has plenty of sites to fill up your free time. It is the largest city in Italy and is one of the most visited tourist destinations, letting you know that you’re bound to find something beautiful. During the day you can spend some time shopping in this fashion capital, or visit some of their beautiful historical districts such as, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, Campo de' Fiori, Trastevere, Vatican and Villa Borghese, Colosseum and Termini.

When the night comes around, you won’t want to miss out on any of the activities. You can start your night more relaxed at the famous Coming Out bar, pick up some souvenirs from their shop, and end your night at K Club .This is one of Rome's favorite dark and dirty leather bar where you can find some good fun. These aren’t the only fun places in this amazing place. Gay saunas and cruise bars are the favorite spots for the gay community in Rome. Via di San Giovanni in Laterano can be considered Rome’s Gay Street, but there are gay hotspots spread out all over the city allowing you to stop for some delicious gelato on your trek to the next hotspot.

When you decide you’re tired from a long day of exploration, the B&B Second Floor hotel is the place to go for gay couples. The location is perfect for both your gay and touristy desires. This hotel is equipped with private bathrooms, free Wi-fi, and a minibar. What else could you want?

Rome isn’t considered one of the most open gay European cities, but in the past few years, the gay Roman community has not been holding back. This newly emerging gay city holds wild gay events in the warm summers. There is no shortage of masculine affection in this city which is fitting for this cities known influence on love.

In Italy, an ANDDOS membership card is necessary for entry to all gay cruise bars, saunas, and some gay parties. You can purchase these at the hotspots that require this membership. It costs 15 €, but for one club, bar, or sauna is 8 €, and can be used for a full year.

Here are 16 suggestions you might want to consider;

1. Explore the scene in the Testaccio neighborhood, where you'll find a range of bars and clubs that cater to the lgbtq+Q+ community.
2. Take a walk through the Pigneto neighborhood renowned for its captivating street art and trendy bars that attract a crowd, including lgbtq+Q+ locals.
3. Visit the MAXXI Museum of Contemporary Art known for hosting lgbtq+Q+ events and exhibitions.
4. Plan a day trip, to Tivoli, a town for its breathtaking Villa d'Este – an UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting stunning gardens and fountains.
5. Discover the nightlife of Monti neighborhood; it offers a blend of bars and modern cocktail lounges.
6. Explore the Colosseum and Roman Forum; for an experience consider opting for a guided tour led by an lgbtq+Q+ guide who can offer personalized insights.
7. Enroll in a cooking class to master the art of preparing dishes such as homemade pasta or delicious tiramisu.
8. Enjoy a picnic amidst the greenery of Villa Borghese. One of Romes largest parks.
9. Indulge in some relaxation by taking a day trip, to Ostia, where you can unwind on the beach while also exploring ruins.
10. Make sure to check out the Gay Village, a festival celebrating the lgbtq+Q+ community. Its held during the summer. Features concerts, parties and performances.
11. You should definitely pay a visit, to the Capitoline Museums. They have an assortment of art and artifacts from Rome and other civilizations.
12. Explore the neighborhood for its narrow streets, charming squares and fantastic options for food and drinks.
13. Don't miss taking a walk around the citys fountains. The famous Trevi Fountain is particularly special as its believed that tossing a coin into its waters brings luck.
14. The National Museum of Rome is definitely worth visiting. They have a collection of Roman art and artifacts that will leave you in awe.
15. For a perspective of the city consider taking a bike tour to see all the sights from an angle.
16. If you're up for some performances make sure to attend a drag show at one of Romes lgbtq+Q+ venues, like Muccassassina or Coming Out.

Looking for men hotels, in Rome? Check out these options;

1. Hotel Lodi. Situated in the San Giovanni neighborhood Hotel Lodi is a welcoming men hotel that offers accommodations. You can choose between rooms or shared facilities. Enjoy the cozy lounge area.

2. Hotel Ariston. Conveniently located near Termini Station Hotel Ariston is a men hotel. It provides rooms, a bar and a communal lounge area for your convenience.

3. Hotel Filippo. If you're looking to stay near Vatican City consider Hotel Filippo. This relaxed men hotel offers accommodations with private rooms as well as a garden terrace and lounge area.

4. Hotel Fellini. Located in the heart of Rome near the Trevi Fountain Hotel Fellini is a men hotel with modern amenities. Enjoy your stay in their rooms. Make use of their rooftop terrace and bar.

Experience a stay at these men only hotels during your visit, to Rome!
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