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Rome Gay Events & Venues

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The historic capital of Italy, otherwise known as Rome, doesn't only have the Colosseum and the Trevvy Fountain to offer. Rome is the home to a thriving gay scene that brings thousands of gay travelers to their streets to find the hottest gay clubs, cruise bars, saunas, and wild parties to fulfill their deepest desires. Although there are gay hotspots located around the city, you can find some of the best gay bars on a small street next to the Colosseum. Two birds with one stone, right? Don't let the catholic capital fool you, Rome is exotic as ever. We all know that Rome is a city of love, make Rome your next gay adventure.

Gay events:
  1. Rome Gay Pride: This event takes place in June each year and is a colorful and lively celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. The main parade takes place in the city center and is followed by a festival with music, food, and entertainment.

  2. Gay Village: This summer event runs from June to September and is a massive outdoor party with DJs, concerts, shows, and lots of fun. It is the perfect place to socialize and meet new people.

  3. Muccassassina: This is one of the oldest and most famous gay clubs in Rome, located near the Termini Station. It hosts weekly parties with different themes, attracting a mixed crowd of locals and tourists.

  4. Festa di San Giovanni: This event takes place on June 24th each year and is a celebration of the patron saint of Rome. It is a great opportunity to see the city's traditions and culture and to participate in street parties and concerts.

  5. International Gay Film Festival: This event takes place in November each year and is a showcase of LGBTQ+ films from around the world. It is a great opportunity to see new and exciting cinema and to meet directors and actors.
Gay Rome is more fun!

Rome or “Roma” is a historically rich city that has plenty of sites to fill up your free time. It is the largest city in Italy and is one of the most visited tourist destinations, letting you know that you’re bound to find something beautiful. During the day you can spend some time shopping in this fashion capital, or visit some of their beautiful historical districts such as, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, Campo de' Fiori, Trastevere, Vatican and Villa Borghese, Colosseum and Termini.

When the night comes around, you won’t want to miss out on any of the activities. You can start your night more relaxed at the famous Coming Out bar, pick up some souvenirs from their shop, and end your night at K Club .This is one of Rome's favorite dark and dirty leather bar where you can find some good fun. These aren’t the only fun places in this amazing place. Gay saunas and cruise bars are the favorite spots for the gay community in Rome. Via di San Giovanni in Laterano can be considered Rome’s Gay Street, but there are gay hotspots spread out all over the city allowing you to stop for some delicious gelato on your trek to the next hotspot.

When you decide you’re tired from a long day of exploration, the B&B Second Floor hotel is the place to go for gay couples. The location is perfect for both your gay and touristy desires. This hotel is equipped with private bathrooms, free Wi-fi, and a minibar. What else could you want?

Rome isn’t considered one of the most open gay European cities, but in the past few years, the gay Roman community has not been holding back. This newly emerging gay city holds wild gay events in the warm summers. There is no shortage of masculine affection in this city which is fitting for this cities known influence on love.

In Italy, an ANDDOS membership card is necessary for entry to all gay cruise bars, saunas, and some gay parties. You can purchase these at the hotspots that require this membership. It costs 15 €, but for one club, bar, or sauna is 8 €, and can be used for a full year.

Here are 16 ideas to consider:

  1. Check out the gay nightlife in the Testaccio neighborhood, where you'll find a variety of bars and clubs catering to the LGBTQ+ community.
  2. Take a stroll through the Pigneto neighborhood, known for its vibrant street art and trendy bars that are popular with a diverse crowd, including LGBTQ+  locals.
  3. Visit the MAXXI Museum of Contemporary Art, which often hosts LGBTQ+ events and exhibitions.
  4. Take a day trip to the nearby town of Tivoli to see the stunning Villa d'Este, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautiful gardens and fountains.
  5. Check out the Monti neighborhood, which has a lively nightlife scene with a mix of traditional bars and modern cocktail lounges.
  6. Visit the Colosseum and Roman Forum,  but consider taking a guided tour with a LGBTQ+ guide for a more tailored experience.
  7. Take a cooking class to learn how to make traditional Italian dishes, like homemade pasta or tiramisu.
  8. Enjoy a picnic in the lush gardens of the Villa Borghese, one of Rome's largest parks.
  9. Take a day trip to the seaside town of Ostia to relax on the beach and explore the ancient Roman ruins.
  10. Check out the Gay Village, an annual LGBTQ+ festival with concerts, parties, and performances that takes place during the summer months.
  11. Visit the Capitoline Museums, which feature a diverse collection of art and artifacts from ancient Rome and beyond.
  12. Explore the Trastevere neighborhood, known for its narrow streets, charming piazas, and excellent food and drink options.
  13. Take a walking tour of the city's many fountains, including the iconic Trevi Fountain, which is said to bring good luck if you toss a coin in its waters.
  14. Visit the National Museum of Rome, which has an extenssive collection of ancient Roman art and artifacts.
  15. Take a bike tour of the city to see the sights from a different perspective.
  16. Attend a drag show at one of the city's LGBTQ+ venues, like Muccassassina or Coming Out.
Men only or gay freirndly hotels in Rome

  1. The Fifteen Keys Hotel - Gay-friendly Situated near the Monti neighborhood, The Fifteen Keys Hotel offers stylish accommodations with a blend of vintage and contemporary design. The hotel features a bar and a garden terrace. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  2. Hotel Artemide - Gay-friendly Located near the Termini Station, Hotel Artemide offers elegant rooms and a rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Rome. The hotel features a wellness center and a restaurant. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  3. Hotel Splendide Royal - Gay-friendly Located in the prestigious Via Veneto area, Hotel Splendide Royal offers luxury accommodations in an elegant 19th-century building. The hotel features a rooftop restaurant, a fitness center, and panoramic city views. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  4. The First Roma Dolce - Gay-friendly Situated near Piazza del Popolo, The First Roma Dolce offers boutique-style accommodations with a contemporary design. The hotel features a rooftop lounge, a restaurant, and a bar. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  5. Hotel Raphael - Gay-friendly Located near Piazza Navona, Hotel Raphael offers luxurious accommodations with a classic design and panoramic city views. The hotel features a rooftop terrace, a fitness center, and a restaurant. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  6. J.K. Place Roma - Gay-friendly Located near the Spanish Steps, J.K. Place Roma offers luxurious accommodations with a sophisticated design. The hotel features a rooftop terrace, a bar, and a restaurant. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  7. Palazzo Manfredi - Gay-friendly Situated near the Colosseum, Palazzo Manfredi offers elegant rooms and suites with views of Rome's iconic landmarks. The hotel features a rooftop terrace, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and a bar. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  8. Hotel Forum - Gay-friendly Located near the Roman Forum, Hotel Forum offers comfortable accommodations with a classic design. The hotel features a rooftop terrace, a restaurant, and panoramic city views. Check Availability and Prices: Link
  9. Hotel Barocco - Gay-friendly Situated near the Trevi Fountain, Hotel Barocco offers elegant rooms and suites with a classic design. The hotel features a rooftop terrace, a bar, and a fitness center. Check Availability and Prices: Link

Men only hotels in Rome:

  1. Hotel Lodi - Men Only Hotel Lodi is a men-only hotel located in the San Giovanni neighborhood of Rome. It offers comfortable accommodations with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The hotel provides private rooms and shared facilities, including a lounge area.
  2. Hotel Ariston - Men Only Situated near Termini Station, Hotel Ariston is a men-only hotel that offers affordable and convenient accommodations. The hotel features private rooms, a bar, and a communal lounge area. 
  3. Hotel Filippo - Men Only Located near the Vatican City, Hotel Filippo is a men-only hotel that provides a comfortable and relaxed environment for gay travelers. The hotel offers private rooms, a garden terrace, and a lounge area. 
  4. Hotel Fellini - Men Only Hotel Fellini is a men-only hotel situated in the heart of Rome, near the Trevi Fountain. It offers modern and stylish accommodations with private rooms and shared facilities. The hotel also features a rooftop terrace and a bar. 
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