Salt Lake City, Utah, often perceived as a conservative hub due to its historical ties with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has evolved into a surprisingly vibrant and welcoming space for the lgbtq+Q+ community. The city boasts a lively gay scene, with a variety of gay bars, clubs, and events that cater to diverse preferences. Establishments like "Club Try-Angles" and "The Sun Trapp" are popular haunts for locals and visitors alike. Additionally, the Utah Pride Center, located in the heart of the city, serves as a focal point for community resources, support, and events, including the annual Utah Pride Festival which draws thousands. This transformation is a testament to the city's progressive shift and the resilience of its lgbtq+Q+ residents who have worked tirelessly to create an inclusive environment.

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Popular Gay Events and Venues in Salt Lake City, UT:

  1. Utah Pride Festival:  One of the biggest events in the state, the Utah Pride Festival is typically held in Salt Lake City in early June. The celebration includes a colorfful parade, numerous music performances, art exhibits, and a wide variety of food and drink vendors.
  2. Queer Prom: Organized by the Utah Pride Center, this annual event provides a safe and inclusive space for lgbtq+Q+ youth to celebrate prom in their own style. The event is open to all youth aged 14-20.
  3. Damn These Heels Queer Film Festival: This is a weekend-long celebration of independent, documentary, and foreign feature-length films from around the world that explore lgbtq+Q+ issues, ideas, and art. It's hosted by the Utah Film Center, usually in July.

List of Gay Bars and Hotspots in Salt Lake City, UT:

  1. Club Try-Angles: Known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Club Try-Angles is a popular gay bar in Salt Lake City. They host regular themed nights, including karaoke and trivia.
  2. The Sun Trapp: This lively bar boasts a large patio and is known for its mason jar cocktails. The Sun Trapp attracts a diverse crowd and hosts a variety of events, including drag shows.
  3. Metro Music Hall: Hosting live performances and dance parties, the Metro Music Hall is a versatile venue that frequently hosts lgbtq+Q+ events and shows.
  4. Club Verse: club verse is a popular gay club in salt lake city, that offers live shows, parties, dance floor and more. The club supports the community and gives you the safest, inclusive, and authentic gay owned place to be yourselves.
  5. M I L K +: EAT. DRINK. VIBE. Welcome To Utah’s Best And Most Inclusive lgbtq+Q+ Hangout Spot – The Premier Bar Where Everyone Is Welcome! When it’s a celebration time, MILK+ is an ideal destination. We have an plenty of space to shake a leg and feel your groove. You can enjoy a variety of music and events all under one roof. There are huge bathrooms, outdoor patio, and gaming areas. You can feel comfortable while having a wonderful time with your dear ones.
  6. Why Kiki: Up-scale beach bar. Exotic & Tropical custom cocktails. Local Liquor & Brews. Chicks & Dicks. A fun atmosphere and a welcoming and safe space for everyone. Provided Casual & late night dining. Full bar. Outside Patio. Stage. Dancing. Tickets for Events: Whykiki.Ticketleap com IG: WHYKIKIBAR Tuesday, $2 tacos & Djs. Wednesday: Bitch Bingo 8 pm. Karaoke 9:30 pm. Thursday: 8pm Lip Sync Battles, Drag Shows & Lip Sync Karaoke Friday & Saturday: Typically an Early Drag/Variety or Comedy at 7 pm. Just the tip: Lip Sync Karaoke. Drag Shows start at 10:30 pm. SILENT DISCO: Through the Wardrobe in the Speak easy, to the neon Dance floor. 10 pm 2 am, every Thurs Fri & Sat. Sunday: Drag Brunch at 11 am. 2nd Drag Brunch 3pm , Karaoke 9pm
  7. Utah Pride Center: More than just a venue, the Utah Pride Center is a community resource that provides support, services, and a sense of community for the lgbtq+Q+ population in Salt Lake City. They offer various programs, workshops, and events throughout the year.

The city’s lesbian mayor, Jackie Biskupski, leads a city council with three out of seven members who are gay. This means the lgbtq+Q community has an unprecedented voice in city government. And since everyone has a voice, it’s pretty easy for everyone of every orientation to jump in on the incredible fun that is Salt Lake on a hot city night. (And yes, the regular rotation of drag shows keep the city sizzling all through the winter.)

Gay bars in Salt Lake City

The Sun TrappLocated on 600 West just off 100 South, the Sun Trapp greets everyone with a warm welcome and is famous for serving beer in mason jars. Don’t be fooled by its rustic exterior—the atmosphere often draws a line of patrons that snakes around the corner on the weekends. Their outdoor patio is as big as the interior, offering plenty of open-air seating, and in the winter, the patio has a heated tent with its own bar inside. If you love inexpensive drinks and dancing to club remixes of Whitney Houston and Ariana Grande, you’ll probably find yourself becoming a regular. The Sun Trapp typically offers entry with no cover charge, but expect to wait a few minutes for bar service on weekends. And if you’re a barbecue enthusiast, saddle right up on Sundays for some homestyle cookin’.

Club Try-Anglesknown for a chill vibe except during their theme events like Underwear Night or Leather Night, when you can expect an epic all-night party. Try-Angles offers inexpensive pool, darts, and karaoke and is known by some as the “gay dive” of Salt Lake City, which only adds to its charm. You can expect friendly and easygoing bartenders and customers, making Try-Angles a perfect place for newcomers to the Salt Lake scene or anyone exploring the place solo. And if you’re merrymaking on a tight budget, Try-Angles has your back with $5 beer steins. Check out one of their colorful cocktails like the Va-jay or Purple Kool-Aid while you're at it.

Why Kiki- n a city where dimly-lit bars featuring minimalist interiors and obscure cocktails dominate the nightlife scene, the unapologetic attitude of Why Kiki is a breath of fresh air. Having opened its baby pink doors in the spring of 2021, the funky beach bar has become a beloved space for anyone who doesn’t shy from a good time and a few racy menu items. As owner Randy Oveson says, Why Kiki is “a place for everyone".

Among the “not technically gay bars but hella gay-friendly” establishments, the Metro Music Hall, Twilite Lounge, and Bar X are all popular for good reason. Metro Music Hall hosts frequent drag shows and gender-swap events featuring performers from near and far. Twilite Lounge is a total throwback experience—walking in feels like stepping back several decades in time, but its atmosphere is as welcoming as it is diverse. And Bar X has a sultry, speakeasy vibe with must-try cocktails. The ambiance is cool yet intimate—no matter who you prefer to cozy up with at a corner table.

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