Welcome to the diverse metropolitan of Sao Paulo! Not only is Sao Paulo the largest city in South America, but it is a the most welcoming gay haven as well, hosting the Parada do Orgulho on Avenida Paulista, one of the largest gay parades in the world.

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Welcome to Sao Paulo: The Gay Capital of Latin America

Since Brazil produces ? of the worlds coffee, you’re in luck; after a late night out you can find quality Brazilian coffee in any corner of the city to wake up and immerse yourself in city explorations and learning about Sao Paulo’s rich culture. If you want to learn a little about rich Brazilian culture you can visit the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, a major cultural center in Latin America, which is mainly known for its European and Brazilian artwork. Also, you can visit the vast area called “Liberdade” which is the Asian district that is home to the largest Japanese community outside of japan. If your interests are more along the lines of walking around and exploring, Avenida Paulista is a main avenue that symbolizes the economic and political power in the city and is the focal point of many shops, high rises, restaurants, and late 19th century architecture, or visit the Ibirapuera park which is a huge urban park with a vivid natural and cultural scene. If you haven't heard already, Brazil is home to the most beautiful men and women in the world, and luckily Sao Paulo holds the largest gay population on the continent. Every night you’ll catch thousands of gay men and women flocking to the streets of Frei Caneca, or as locals would call it “Gay Caneca” in the early and late hours of the night. Frei Caneca is home to the most lively gay clubs including the popping tunnel and A Loca, the steamiest hot saunas in the nation at 269 Chilli Pepper, and if the Chilli Pepper wasn't spicy enough for you, Frei Caneca is also home to gay and transgender sex clubs for the late hours of the night. It is a guarantee that the biggest problem you will encounter on Frei Caneca is trying not to drool when you pass by the sexy locals of Sao Paulo, women whose ‘hips don't lie’ with Brazilian butts leaving you in a trance, and men with rocking bods and biceps that will most certainly sweep you off your feet. Another popular gay area in the city is Largo Do Arouche, more than anywhere, here you will find queer people on every part of the spectrum.In 2005 seven gay flags were established in the city in honor of the gay pride parade. This is the perfect place to have a wild night out at Danger Night Club or to have a more chill night at Soda pop where people mingle on the sidewalks of the street. Here you can also find sex clubs specific to every range of sexuality including the famous Black Out Club. Largo Do Arouche is a relatively cheap area to go out in and often has a young crowd. If you do find romance with the beautiful locals of the area make sure to stop by the famous flower market of the area which holds the most unique and beautiful flowers, pollinated with an aura of amor’, guaranteed to make the lucky receiver fall in love. When in Sao Paulo make sure to explore the diverse cuisine as well with European, African, and Amerindian influences. The nation's typical dish is fejoada a dish with beans and meat, cashasa is the national liquor distilled from sugar cane. Brazil is also home to delicious tropical fruits and many desserts made out of tapioca. With a long list of amazing restaurants to choose from the hardest choice of all will be to answer the question, what's tastier in Sao paulo, the food or the people?

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