f you’re hoping for a bustling scene like Soho or Manchester’s Gay Village, you might in for some disappointment. Sheffield’s gay scene is far from flourishing.
Firstly, there’s Climax, the University of Sheffield’s SU event boasting the title of ‘Yorkshire’s Biggest LGBT Clubbing Experience’ (yikes). This event welcomes all kinds of clubbers, but only takes place once a month. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by recycled Poptarts anthems and have condoms thrown at you from the stage, which is delightful.
In a swamp of fag-hags looking to lure in new GBFs, you’ll be lucky to find any homosexual that isn’t either completely overwhelmed by the experience or desperately clinging to their straight friends.

Secondly, there’s the infamous Dempsey’s. Dempsey’s declares itself ‘Sheffield’s No.1 Gay Venue’ (sound familiar?) and is somewhat the Marmite of Sheffield nights out. Either you can’t get enough of the multi-level chaos of karaoke and table-dancing, or you’re rather wary of the party-goers trying to touch your crotch.

Thirdly, there’s the recently-opened OMG on West Street. OMG is a chain of gay bars which brands itself as ‘the most euphoric Gay Venue in the UK’. Let me tell you, there’s nothing euphoric about paying entry for a bleak dance floor with pricey drinks.

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