Last year Pinknic held a walk of unity to get the event started. The walk started outside Virgin Money on Fargate. We walked from outside Virgin Money to the Peace Gardens. With the lgbtq+ community bringing along family and friends in which they joined the lgbtq+ Sheffield committee for the walk of PRIDE!
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  • Here are eight recommendations that both locals and tourists love;

    1. Start your day with a breakfast; Before you dive into the festivities grab a breakfast at one of Sheffields numerous cafes. Some popular options are Tamper Coffee, Steam Yard or Marmadukes Cafe Deli.

    2. Plan your route beforehand; Sheffield Gay Pride takes place across venues so its smart to plan your route, in advance. Visit the website for a festival map and event schedule to ensure you don't miss out on anything.

    3. Dress appropriately; Pride is all, about self expression so feel free to wear colors or bold outfits that reflect who you are. Just remember to prioritize comfort and ensure movement in your chosen attire.

    4. Stay hydrated. Protected; As Sheffield Gay Pride happens outdoors its crucial to stay hydrated and shield yourself from the sun. Pack a water bottle. Sunscreen in your bag to keep yourself comfortable throughout the day.

    5. Explore the stage; The heart of the celebration lies at Sheffield Gay Prides stage, where you can enjoy live music performances and entertainment throughout the day.
    Make sure you don't miss out on the performances as they often feature known international artists.

    6. Don't forget to visit the street fair; The street fair, at Sheffield Gay Pride is always a highlight offering a variety of stalls where you can find food and drinks handmade crafts and lgbtq+Q+ merchandise. Take your time to explore the stands and show support for businesses.

    7. Don't miss out on attending one of the Pride after parties; Sheffield has a lgbtq+Q+ nightlife scene so make sure to check out one of the after parties happening throughout the city. Some popular venues include Dempseys, The Leadmill and The Night Kitchen.

    8. Remember to be respectful and inclusive; Pride is, about celebrating love and acceptance. It's important to treat everyone you encounter at the festival with respect. Keep in mind that not everyone experiences life in the way so take this opportunity to learn from and celebrate the lgbtq+Q+ community.

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