Shreveport stands out as one of Louisianas urban areas. Positioned along the Red River near the junction of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas it serves as a hub for commerce catering to all three states. From its bustling business environment Shreveport boasts a rich tapestry of arts and culture is home to five esteemed colleges and universities and offers a plethora of attractions for both locals and visitors. For those considering making Shreveport their home there's much to cherish about this city!

The lgbtq+Q community in Shreveport reflects the citys dedication to inclusivity and openness. Whether you seek community gatherings, support networks or nightlife options Shreveport provides a variety of choices, for both members of the lgbtq+Q community and their supporters.

Upcoming Mega Events Nearby

Can’t-Miss gay Events in Shreveport:

  1. Pride festivals are events that happen yearly to celebrate the lgbtq+Q+ community. Shreveport traditionally hosts its Pride Festival usually during the summer months. These gatherings often showcase music, delicious food, live performances and informative booths from lgbtq+Q+ groups.
  2. Drag performances are a form of entertainment in the lgbtq+Q+ community. These shows highlight both local talents and sometimes even drag artists with national recognition. Venues like Central Station, a gay bar in Shreveport are known for hosting such entertaining drag shows.
  3. Film festivals that focus on lgbtq+Q+ themes, characters and filmmakers can be discovered in cities like Shreveport. Keep an eye on cinema schedules and art venues for these captivating events.
  4. lgbtq+Q community Centers: Within the lgbtq+Q+ community local centers or organizations often arrange activities including workshops, support gatherings and social occasions. The Philadelphia Center in Shreveport is recognized for organizing engaging events.

Shreveports nightlife boasts gay friendly spots:

  1. Central Station; Situated in downtown Shreveport Central Station stands out as a gay bar and nightclub celebrated for its lively and inclusive environment. Housed within a former fire station building that has been converted into an entertainment hub offering themed nights, like drag shows karaoke sessions and dance parties. The venue also features a game room equipped with a pool table and dart boards.
  2. Korner Lounge is a known spot in Shreveport that caters to the lgbtq+Q+ community. It offers an welcoming atmosphere making it ideal for laid back drinks and conversations. The lounge frequently hosts entertaining events like drag shows drawing in a crowd. Situated on Cotton Street Korner Lounge has been a lgbtq+Q+ hangout since the 1930s providing a warm and inviting space for all. Don't miss out on experiencing this nightspot when exploring the town.
  3. Bears on Fairfield or Bears as its affectionately known is a gay bar that embraces inclusivity and friendliness. This establishment attracts a clientele, including members of the bear community. With its welcoming vibe Bears on Fairfield offers karaoke nights, game nights and special drink deals for patrons to enjoy.
  4. Phoenix Underground: In downtown Shreveport lies Phoenix Underground, a nightclub that hosts an array of events year round. Boasting bars and dance floors with music spanning various genres this hotspot caters to different musical tastes for an exciting night out.
  5. Marilynns Place: While not specifically geared toward the lgbtq+Q+ community Marilynns Place is a restaurant, in Shreveport known for its delectable Southern dishes and lgbtq+Q+ friendly environment. It's the place to savor good food in a relaxed setting while catching up with friends.




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