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With its great weather almost year round, and its mix of city and beach life, it is little wonder that Spain has become arguably the most popular travel destination for gays in all of Europe. Madrid and Barcelona are easily accessible from anywhere on the continent, making them both readily accessible for a quick weekend getaway at any point throughout the year. Both cities possess an abundance of museums and sightseeing options by day, complete with shopping opportunities to purchase regionally available items, along with the most extensive gay night life options anywhere in Europe all weekend long. If you desire a quieter and more tranquil place to spend your holiday, but want to benefit from the hot Spanish guys that call this country home, consider a trip to the beaches of Stiges, Benidorm, or Torremolinos. Spain awaits you, so prepare for a fun filled adventure no matter what time of year you plan on going.

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2 years ago.
BEACH PARTY ALL THURSDAY - Gay Club BCN Barcelona for the whole summer,if it enters and you put yourself in costume the entrance is free! The Best Dj,Guests and many other surprises await you every Thursday at Gay Club NCBS in c/ Consell de Cent 280 meter Universidad in full gay district of Eixemple.The first and unique disco gay in Italian style...
Artistic direction of Maximo De Marco Star of Italian tv. -*tle" target="_blank">
Start 00:00 in the night from 06:00!
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