Surrey Pride, a celebration of lgbtq+Q+ pride occurs each year in Surrey a city situated in British Columbia, Canada. The inaugural Surrey Pride event took place in 2018. Has since become an anticipated occasion, on the citys calendar.

The organization responsible for coordinating Surrey Pride is the Surrey Pride Society, a profit group dedicated to advocating for lgbtq+Q+ rights and visibility within the community. The society operates under the guidance of a board of directors. Relies on volunteers who work diligently to plan and execute this event every year.

Traditionally held in June to coincide with Pride Month Surrey Pride offers an array of activities. Among these are a parade, captivating music performances delectable food vendors engaging community booths and even a beer garden. The parade route typically commences at Surrey City Hall before culminating at Holland Park – the venue for the days festivities.

In addition to the parade and main celebrations at Holland Park Surrey Pride also presents community events throughout the year. These include film festivals that showcase lgbtq+Q+ themes spirited youth dances fostering inclusivity and acceptance as vibrant drag shows that provide an entertaining platform while promoting visibility, within the lgbtq+Q+ community.

It is important to note that Surrey Pride warmly welcomes individuals of all orientations and gender identities – creating a space where everyone can participate and celebrate together.
The purpose of this event is to encourage inclusivity, empathy and joyous recognition of the lgbtq+Q+ community, in Surrey and other areas.

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  • Here are 15 suggestions and recommendations, for a gay traveler planning to visit Surrey Pride;

    1. Make sure to research the dates and location of Surrey Pride so you can plan your trip accordingly.
    2. It's an idea to book your accommodation in advance as the event tends to fill up hotels and other accommodations
    3. Stay updated on the event schedule and activities by checking out the Surrey Pride website and their social media pages.
    4. Pack suitable clothing for the weather keeping in mind that Surrey can be rainy and cool at times.
    5. Don't forget to bring shoes since you'll likely be walking around the festival grounds and exploring the city.
    6. Be mindful of your safety at night or when you're in areas. Stick to lit and busy places. Try not to walk alone.
    7. Take some time familiarizing yourself with Surreys public transportation system as it can be an affordable way to get around during your stay.
    8. If you're interested in experiencing nightlife consider visiting some of Surreys gay bars and clubs like the Lighthouse Pub or The Riverside Lounge.
    9. To make the most of your trip think about attending pre or Pride events such as concerts or parties that may be happening in conjunction with Surrey Pride festivities.
    10. Explore some of the lgbtq+Q+ organizations and community groups in Surrey; there might be opportunities, for volunteering or getting involved.
    11. If you're interested, in finding services that cater specifically to the lgbtq+Q+ community, like healthcare or legal aid it's an idea to do some research on providers beforehand.
    12. It's important to show respect for the customs and culture of the places you visit and avoid making assumptions or relying on stereotypes about the people or locations you encounter.
    13. Consider attending a drag show or another type of performance that celebrates lgbtq+Q+ individuals while you're on your trip.
    14. If you're traveling with a partner take some time to look into restaurants and activities in Surrey.
    15. Make sure to have a time be true, to yourself. Fully embrace the vibrant lgbtq+Q+ community that Surrey has to offer!

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