Tel Aviv lies at the heart of the gay scene that identifies Israel. While many might not associate Tel Aviv with a vibrant and electric gay atmosphere, they obviously have not been there. This one city is consistently discussed as being one of the most friendly and welcoming to the gay and lesbian community. That alone should encourage you to make a visit here. If you need more reasons, consider the variety of bars and clubs in operation seemingly around the clock, numerous gay film festivals, and cultural activities galore. Being gay in Tel Aviv is fun and it is exciting. The nightlife is sizzling, so plan on staying up late into the night in the company of some of the hottest guys on the face on the planet. To round it out, remember to support the annual Gay Pride event taking place in Tel Aviv each June.

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Tel Aviv, the cosmopolitan city on the Israeli Mediterranean famed the world over for its creativity, open-mindedness, liberal outlook and acceptance.
A secular bubble in an increasingly conservative Israel – Tel Aviv is where the Shabbat shutdown on Friday might empty the roads and close public transport – but you will still find every club jammed packed with people dancing until the sun comes up. With an estimated 25% of the population being gay, it’s no surprise that Tel Aviv is characterised as one of the gayest cities on Earth. Super Gay, gayer than Elton Johns pool party GAY!

But the world-class gay nightlife scene in Tel Aviv isn’t the only reason while gay tourism is booming in this very modern city. Incredible white sand beach, with crystal clear water and covered in gorgeous Israeli hunks play a large part – as does the vibrant dining scene, the Bauhaus architecture, the beautiful markets and daring new exhibitions of art, music and design. Of course it also well-known that Israel is by far the most accepting and open Middle East country in terms of gay people, which probably explains the huge number of gay visitors and residents of Tel Aviv. Not only is it legal here, but Tel Aviv public opinion of gay life is pretty positive – uplifting the entire spirit of the city. Of course you can always look for discrimination here, but the most you are likely to experience is a girl threatening to leave the city as she can never find a straight man.
Tel Aviv Gay Beach

If you visit in June for the annual Tel Aviv Pride, it is entirely possible to feel like you’re in a city only populated with gays – and the passion, vibrance and tolerance on show during this time make it one of the must see gay events in your life-time. Gay Tel Aviv truly has something for everyone – whether you are looking for tawdry nights in dark clubs, endless days tanning amongst golden torso’s or filling yourself with as much baba ganoush, shakshouka and hummus. On the map as a top destination for gay travellers rivalling gay cities such as San Francisco, Miami, New York, Vienna, Berlin, Bangkok and more – read on to discover more about this vibrant gay travel destination and why Tel Aviv should be top of your gay travel wish-list!

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