Topeka, the capital of Kansas is known as the "Capital City". Has a lot to offer. It's an friendly city with a welcoming Midwestern charm, abundant opportunities and plenty of attractions. Whats even better is its strong lgbtq+Q community and its history of supporting and embracing individuals. Before same sex marriage was legalized Topeka had a partner registry making it one of the pioneers in providing protections, for both public and private employees based on sexual orientation and gender identity. All these reasons make Topeka an excellent place to call home!

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Some Notable Gay Events in Topeka:

  1. Pride Festival: The Topeka Pride Festival is an annual event that brings together the lgbtq+Q+ community and allies. It features a lively parade, live music performances, dance parties, food vendors, informational booths, and community organizations. The festival aims to promote inclusivity, acceptance, and celebrate the lgbtq+Q+ culture.
  2. Drag Shows: Topeka has a thriving drag scene, with various drag shows organized throughout the year. These shows showcase talented drag performers who entertain the audience with their captivating performances, lip-syncing, and stunning costumes. The drag shows often take place in lgbtq+Q+ venues or bars that are known for their inclusive and supportive atmosphere.

Popular Gay Hotspots in Topeka, KS.:

  1. Wo's: Wo's is a gay-friendly restaurant and bar that has been serving the lgbtq+Q+ community for many years. It offers a diverse menu of American comfort food, along with a wide selection of drinks. The venue often hosts special events, including live music performances and trivia nights.
  2. Topeka Equality House: The Topeka Equality House is not a traditional hotspot but deserves a mention for its significant contribution to lgbtq+Q+ activism. Located across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church, the house is painted in rainbow colors and stands as a symbol of love, acceptance, and equality.
  3. Jayhawk Theatre: While not exclusively a gay hotspot, the historic Jayhawk Theatre often hosts lgbtq+Q+ events, including film screenings, theater performances, and panel discussions. It has become a gathering place for the local lgbtq+Q+ community, providing cultural experiences and entertainment.
  4. NOTO Arts District: The NOTO Arts District is a vibrant neighborhood known for its arts and cultural events. It frequently hosts lgbtq+Q+-friendly events, such as art exhibitions, live performances, and street festivals. Exploring this district can lead you to various lgbtq+Q+ inclusive venues, galleries, and boutiques.
  5. Pride Month Celebrations: Topeka celebrates Pride Month with various events throughout June. These events include parades, picnics, live music, and community gatherings. Keep an eye out for local organizations and community centers that arrange Pride-related activities during this time.

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