Topeka is the capital of Kansas, and, truly, it is a “Capital City” with so much to offer. It’s a fairly progressive, eclectic, and friendly city with a welcoming midwestern feel, a great deal of opportunity, and much to see and do. Even better, it's a city with a thriving LGBTQ community and a history of welcoming and supporting its LGBTQ community. In fact, prior to same-sex marriage becoming legal, it was one of two cities to have a domestic partner registry, and it was also a national trailblazer in offering protection for both public and private employees based on both sexual orientation and gender identity. For so many reasons, Topeka would make a wonderful place to call home!

Can’t-Miss Events in Topeka

Topeka Pride
Topeka Pride is the largest annual LGBTQ pride celebration in the area, and it’s one celebration you’ll want to put on your calendar. Typically held in June of each year, this annual celebration draws wonderful, friendly crowds each year, and includes family-friendly entertainment, plenty of vendors, excellent performances, delicious food, and plenty of opportunities to meet friends and have fun. Even better, the Topeka Pride group sponsors a wonderful variety of events throughout the year and is an essential part of Topeka's LGBTQ community.

Topeka Nightlife

Studio 62
Studio 62 is a unique Topeka spot that combines art, drinks, and drag. The studio offers art classes during the day, and celebrations at night, and it’s one place you’ll definitely want to put on your list for a night out in Topeka.

The Boobie Trap Bar
The Boobie Trap Bar is somewhat of a Topeka legend, known for its excellent live music, strong drinks, and friendly crowds. It’s a great place to have fun with old friends or meet some new ones.

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