Toronto Leather Pride is an event held in Toronto, Canada that celebrates the vibrant leather and fetish communities. Its purpose is to bring individuals who share a common interest in leather, BDSM and other kink related lifestyles fostering a strong sense of community, inclusivity and acceptance.

This exciting festival spans across a weekend. Offers a diverse range of activities such as engaging workshops, social gatherings and lively parties.

Here are some notable highlights of Toronto Leather Pride;

  1. Workshops; Throughout the event attendees have the opportunity to participate in workshops covering a wide array of topics related to BDSM, leather culture and fetish practices. These workshops cater to all experience levels—from beginners seeking knowledge to practitioners looking for new insights.
  2. Vendors and Shopping; A bustling marketplace awaits festival goers where they can explore an assortment of leather goods, fetish merchandise and BDSM related items including clothing, toys and accessories. Local well as international vendors showcase their unique products for an unforgettable shopping experience.
  3. Social Events; Toronto Leather Pride organizes social events such, as meet and greets, cocktail soirées and themed gatherings that provide attendees with valuable networking opportunities while making new connections and friendships.
  4. Entertainment;The event offers a range of attractions for the leather and fetish communities, such as live performances, art installations and various forms of entertainment.
  5. Competitions; Toronto Leather Pride organizes contests like Mr. And Ms. Leather Toronto, which highlight the remarkable skills and commitment of individuals within the community. Winners often go on to represent Toronto in leather competitions.
  6. Parade; Additionally there might be a pride parade as part of the event to celebrate and raise awareness, about the leather and fetish communities promoting acceptance and understanding.
Please keep in mind that specific event details, dates and programming may vary each year. To ensure information it is important to visit the official website of Toronto Leather Pride.


Official Website

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