The Victoria Pride Festival, also known as Victoria Pride is an event held in Victoria, British Columbia Canada to celebrate and support the lgbtq+Q+ community. This festival aims to promote inclusivity, diversity and unity while raising awareness, about the rights of lgbtq+Q+ individuals. It usually takes place in July. Includes activities leading up to the main events; the Pride Parade and Pride in the Park.

The organization responsible for organizing this event is called the Victoria Pride Society. Since its establishment in 1994 as a profit organization they have been dedicated to supporting the local lgbtq+Q+ community through different initiatives such as programs, events and resources. Their collaboration with businesses, community organizations and volunteers plays a role in creating an inclusive celebration.

The Victoria Pride Festival features two events:

  1. The Pride Parade: This vibrant parade is one of the festivals highlights. It showcases floats, marching groups, performers representing community organizations, businesses and even political parties. The parade typically starts from the James Bay neighborhood and proceeds towards MacDonald Park.
  2. Pride in the Park: Once the parade concludes at MacDonald Park participants and spectators come together for an experience known as "Pride, in the Park."This event has a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy such, as music, performances, delicious food from vendors community booths to explore and even a beer garden for those who are legally allowed to drink. The event is designed to be inclusive and suitable for the family with fun filled options available for people of all ages.

One exciting highlight is the Drag Ball, an event during Victoria Pride. It showcases drag performers from both international scenes. Many participants compete for the title of Victorias Next Drag Superstar.

Another incredible event is the Pride Art Walk, which celebrates and recognizes lgbtq+Q+ artists in our community. Local art galleries and studios actively participate by hosting captivating exhibits and informative workshops that revolve around lgbtq+Q+ themes.

For owners and their furry companions there's the Big Gay Dog Walk—an inclusive gathering. People come together with their pets for a walk where they can socialize with pet lovers. The walk culminates in a gathering where both humans and pets can enjoy treats and engaging activities.

Throughout the festival duration there are workshops, talks and panel discussions covering subjects, like lgbtq+Q+ history, mental health awareness, activism insights—all aimed at providing valuable education and promoting awareness among attendees.
Please keep in mind that the specific details, like dates and locations might change from year to year. To stay informed, about the Victoria Pride Festival and any updates regarding its schedule or location changes I highly recommend visiting their website.


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