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What is the gay scene like?
If you’ve never been gay clubbing before, you might have a lot of preconceived ideas about what a gay bar is like. While certain stereotypes might apply to the bigger clubs in London (especially the dodgy ones around Vauxhall), Pride generally spends its time in Coventry and Birmingham. Rainbows is not too dissimilar to a pub on the ground floor (it even has pool tables!) but has a dancefloor upstairs; it plays mainly pop music. Nightingales is a larger club with various music spread over several floors. We also collaborate with other groups on LGBT+-specific nights out like PINK!, or queer-positive ones like Can’t Touch This, run by WASS. The main difference is it’s a unique atmosphere – nearly everyone’s gay, bi or lesbian so it’s a fun night out! Just don’t drink too much tequila.
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